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Carlos Olalla . He's known for Unit 7 (2012), Powder (2019) and Ojos que no ven (S) (2012).

All Movies of Carlos Olalla

  • My Heart Goes Boom!
    María is a fun-loving young dancer who longs for freedom in the early 70s, a time when Spain was marked by inflexibility and censorship, particularly on television. With her we will discover how even the most difficult dreams can...
    Spain  2020
  • Powder
    After a ten year absence, "El Chato" returns to San Ignacio, his hometown, in order to retrieve a shipment of cocaine that was dropped there by a cartel pilot.
    Character: Leovigildo
    Mexico  2019
  • Elite (TV Series)
    TV Series (2018-Present). 3 Seasons. First Season: 8 Episodes. Las Encinas, the best and most exclusive school in Spain where the elite send their children to study, is also where three working class kids have just been admitted a...
    Character:  Juez 1 episode, 2020
    Spain  2018
  • The Laws of Thermodynamics
    A romantic comedy in which a jilted boyfriend attributes his disastrous love life to the laws of thermodynamics.
    Character: Psicólogo
    Spain  2018
  • Transeúntes
    Risky project fruit of careful design and assembly work that reflects a kaleidoscopic view of the city of Barcelona as a reflection of any city in any country. Meetings and disagreements of hundreds of characters and crossed micro...
    Spain  2015
  • B
    15th July 2013. Old party treasurer, Luis Barcenas, is transferred from the prison to court in order to testify. Up until now, he's denied any connection with the so-called Barcenas Paper's which proof the existence of an unoffici...
    Character: Fiscal
    Spain  2015
  • A cambio de nada
    16 years-old Dario got away from home, running from his familiar hell. Luismi, his unconditional friend, Caralimpia, a poor looser in a winners suit and Antonia, an old lady that collects abandoned furniture in her three weeler wi...
    Character: Juez
    Spain  2015
  • Lasa eta Zabala
    October 1983. Young Basque refugees Joxean Lasa and Joxi Zabala disappear in Bayonne without a trace. It will be another twelve years until their bodies, murdered and buried in quicklime, are identified and a long, tortuous invest...
    Spain  2014
  • Ojos que no ven (S)
    All families have secrets and lies; and at some point everyone has thought of confessing everything. But when? How? One by one? Suddenly at a family reunion? Today, on Christmas Eve, it doesn't seem to be the best moment. On Chris...
    Spain  2012
  • Unit 7
    UNIT 7 has a tough assignment: to clean the most dangerous drug trafficking networks out of the city and bring an end to the corrosive power that has taken hold of the streets. A detail of four, the unit is led by Ángel (Mario Ca...
    Character: Don Julián
    Spain  2012
  • Amigos...
    This is the story of three old friends who find themselves fighting with each other when their lost friend's will is open to reveal his ultimate betting game, one where the winner will become the heir of his fortune. Marcos Cabota...
    Spain  2011
  • [•REC] 2
    With the infected apartment on shutdown, a government scientist (Mellor) and a four-man SWAT are ordered in to assess the carnage. Their mission: find the host, take a blood sample, get the hell out. Not easy when the rabid zombie...
    Spain  2009