Jon Voight

Profession: Actor
Jon Voight
  Real name: Jonathan Vincent Voight
Birthdate: December 29, 1938
Age: 84 years
Country: United States United States
Horoscope: Capricorn
Stature: 1,89 m


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Jonathan Vincent Voight, better known as Jon Voight, is an American Actor. He has won an Academy Awards, four Golden Globes Awards and an BAFTA Awards. He's known for Zoolander (2001), The Manchurian Candidate (2004) and Midnight Cowboy (1969).

All Movies of Jon Voight

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  • Ray Donovan: The Movie
    Follows Mickey in the wind and Ray determined to find and stop him before he can cause any more carnage.
    United States  2022
  • Reagan
    A drama based on the life of Ronald Reagan, from his childhood to his time in the oval office.
    Character: Viktor Petrovich
    United States  2021
  • Roe v. Wade
    Dr. Bernard Nathanson and Dr. Mildred Jefferson square off in a national battle in this untold conspiracy that led to the most famous and controversial court case in history.
    Character: Justice Warren Burger
    United States  2021
  • JL Family Ranch 2
    When Henry proposes it looks like Rebecca will get her fairytale ending until her daughter invites a visitor from her past to the ranch that will change the Petersons and Landsburgs forever.
    United States  2020
  • Hal
    Between 1970 and 1979, the films of Hal Ashby collected seven Academy Awards and 24 Academy Award nominations. He was a major player in the so called "New Hollywood" era of the '70s, and his strident rebelliousness in th...
    United States  2018
  • Same Kind of Different as Me
    The story centers on Ron Hall (Kinnear), an international art dealer who must befriend a dangerous homeless man (Hounsou) in order to save his struggling marriage to his wife, Debbie (Zellweger).
    United States  2017
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    Seventy years before Harry Potter reads writer Newt Scamander's (Eddie Redmayne) book in school, the author enjoys adventures in New York's secret community of witches and wizards. The spinoff film takes place in 1926, as Newt tra...
    Character: Shaw Senior
    United Kingdom  2016
  • Woodlawn
    Love and unity in a school torn by racism and hate in the 70s. In 1973, a spiritual awakening captured the heart of nearly every player of the Woodlawn High School football team, including its coach Tandy Gerelds. Their dedication...
    Character: Paul Bryant
    United States  2015
  • The Go-Go Boys: The Inside Story of Cannon Films
    THE GO-GO BOYS: The Inside Story of Cannon Films is a documentary about two Israeli-born cousins, Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, who in pursuit of the American Dream turned the Hollywood power structure upside down, producing ove...
    Character: Self
    Israel  2014
  • Getaway
    Getaway is the gritty, exciting action thriller from Warner Brothers in which former race car driver Brent Magna is pitted against the clock as he commandeers a custom Shelby Cobra Mustang, taking it and its unwitting owner on a h...
    Character: The Voice
    United States  2013
  • Ray Donovan (TV Series)
    On "Ray Donovan," Liev Shreiber stars as titular character, L.A.'s go-to problem solver amongst the city's elite. The only issues he can't make disappear are the ones created by his damaged "Southie" family bac...
    Character:  Mickey Donovan 82 episodes, 2013-2020
    United States  2013
  • Casting By
    This documentary focuses on the role of the casting director in movie making and particularly on Marion Dougherty. She began work in the late 1940s sending up and coming young actors to be cast in the then new medium of television...
    Character: Himself
    United States  2012
  • Four Christmases
    A couple struggle to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day. When upscale, happily unmarried San Francisco couple Kate and Brad find themselves socked in by fog on Christmas morning, their exotic vacation plans ...
    Character: Creighton
    United States  2008
  • 24: Redemption (TV)
    Filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa, and Los Angeles, 24: REDEMPTION stars Emmy Award winner Kiefer Sutherland along with new cast members Cherry Jones, Robert Carlyle, Gil Bellows and Academy Award winner Jon Voight. ...
    Character: Jonas Hodges
    United States  2008
  • An American Carol
    An anti-American filmmaker who's out to abolish the July Fourth holiday is visited by three ghosts who try to change his perception of the country.
    United States  2008
  • Tropic Thunder
    Pampered action superstar Tugg Speedman (Ben Stiller) is cast in the biggest, most expensive war movie ever produced. He sets out to Southeast Asia with a "Who's Who" of celebrity co-stars. They include Kirk Lazarus (Robert Downey...
    United States  2008
  • Brando (TV)
    The enigmatic and unparalleled Marlon Brando is examined in a new original documentary, Brando. The unmistakable voice, striking good looks and eccentric personality - and the complex inner life they cloaked: This portrait sifts t...
    Character: Self
    United States  2007
  • September Dawn
    A story set against the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the film is based upon the tragedy which occurred in Utah in 1857. A group of settlers, traveling on wagons, was murdered by the native Mormons. All together, about 140 souls of m...
    Canada  2007
  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets
    Treasure hunter Benjamin Franklin Gates (Nicolas Cage) looks to discover the truth behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, by uncovering the mystery within the 18 pages missing from Lincoln's diary. When a missing page from t...
    United States  2007
  • Bratz: The Movie
    The highly popular dolls Bratz finally come alive in "Bratz," the first live action feature film based on the chic fashion dolls. As the Bratz navigate their way through this story, we will see how the four young women r...
    Character: Principal Dimly
    United States  2007
  • Transformers
    For centuries, two races of robotic aliens–the Autobots and the Decepticons–have waged a war, with the fate of the universe at stake. When the battle comes to Earth, all that stands between the evil Decepticons and ultimate po...
    Character: John Keller
    United States  2007
  • Glory Road
    Glory Road tells the true story of Don Haskins (Josh Lucas), a high school basketball coach who, in 1962, took the reins of the Texas Western Miners, an underdog NCAA Division One team. Haskins's insistence on recruiting the best ...
    United States  2006
  • The Pope John Paul II (TV)
    Following the premature death of his mother, Karol Wojtyla is brought up by his father in the Polish city of Krakow during the first half of the 20th century. An outstanding student with a magnetic personality, he dreams of becomi...
    United States  2005
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven (TV)
    From the author of the phenomenal #1 New York Times bestseller Tuesdays with Morrie comes an astonishing journey of redemption and self-discovery that proves not all mysteries unfold in life. Eddie (Oscar and Golden Globe winn...
    Character: Eddie
    United States  2004
  • SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2
    Baby Geniuses 2: Superbabies is the sequel to the hit 1999 TriStar Pictures release Baby Geniuses starring Kathleen Turner and Christopher Lloyd, whose characters secretly worked to crack the code to “baby talk,” a highly soph...
    United States  2004
  • National Treasure
    Ben Gates comes from a family of treasure hunters. Now his grandfather believes that the forefathers' buried a treasure somewhere in the country and have placed clues everywhere but unfortunately the clues are highly cryptic and s...
    Character: Patrick Gates
    United States  2004
  • The Karate Dog
    When LAPD computer expert Peter Fowler investigates the killing of an old man in Chinatown, he finds the only witness is his dog, Cho Cho. But Fowler soon discovers Cho Cho is the only dog in the world who can speak to humans... n...
    United States  2004
  • The Manchurian Candidate
    This is a remake of the 1962 film, The Manchurian Candidate, starring Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey and Angela Lansbury, which was about a Korean War veteran who was brainwashed by the Chinese as part of a Communist plot to assas...
    Character: Senador Thomas Jordan
    United States  2004
  • Jasper, Texas (TV)
    In 1998, three white men in the small town of Jasper, Texas, chained a black man to the back of their pickup truck and dragged him to his death. This film relates that story and how it affected all of the residents of the town, bo
    United States  2003
  • A Decade Under the Influence
    The 1970s was an extraordinary time of rebellion, of questioning every accepted idea: political activism, hedonism, protests, the sexual revolution, the women's movement, the civil rights movement, the music revolution, rage and l...
    Character: Self
    United States  2003
  • Holes
    Stanley Yelnats IV (Shia LaBeouf) is falsely accused of stealing Clyde 'Sweet Feet' Livingston (Rick Fox)'s shoe donation to a local orphanage and will either go to jail or 'Camp Green Lake.' Stanley chooses Green Lake, where he i...
    United States  2003
  • Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (TV)
    This ambitious miniseries begins with Jack's descendant (Matthew Modine) and works its way backward to the story of the original young man and the beanstalk. Because the first Jack used that towering vine to steal a giant's magic ...
    Character:  Siggy (Sigfried Mannheim) - Overseas Div. Director for Robinson Intl. 2 episodes, 2001
    United States  2001
  • Uprising (TV Miniseries)
    The Nazi invasion of Poland in the fall of 1939 sent hundreds of thousands of Polish Jews into a quarantined area which became known as the Warsaw Ghetto. The German troops were surprised to march into Warsaw to find such resistan...
    Character: Major-General Jurgen Stroop
    United States  2001
  • Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
    Lara Croft is a wealthy, British archeologist/tomb raider who tries to thwart a secret society/doomesday cult seeking two pieces of a mysterious device hidden in two different places of the world in order to use it during a rare p...
    Character: Lord Richard Croft
    United States  2001
  • Pearl Harbor
    It would be easy to dismiss the epic Pearl Harbor as a Titanic ripoff (tragedy serves as backdrop to romance) and leave it at that, were it not for the amount of attention heaped upon it by the filmmakers and an anxious public. In...
    Character: presidente Roosevelt
    United States  2001
  • Ali
    Muhammad Ali thrilled the world with his ground-breaking boxing victories in the '60s and '70s. But the man behind the legend is grappling with a tumultuous romantic life, his deeply held religious beliefs and the pressures of sta...
    Character: Howard Cosell
    United States  2001
  • Zoolander
    Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) isnt smart, but he looks "really, really good." An empty-headed yet kindhearted male model, the self-absorbed Derek becomes an unwitting pawn in a international assassination plot masterminded by oddb...
    Character: Larry Zoolander
    United States  2001
  • A Constant Forge
    A look at the life, times, and art of independent film pioneer John Cassavetes through interviews with his family, friends, and admirers of his work.
    Character: Self
    United States  2000
  • Enemy of the State
    Robert Dean (Will Smith) is a labor lawyer who is unknowingly in possession of evidence related to a serious politically motivated crime. Government agents eager to hide their guilt believe that Dean is on to them, and proceed to ...
    Character: Thomas Brian Reynolds
    United States  1998
  • The General
    The real-life story of Dublin folk hero and criminal Martin Cahill, who pulled off two daring robberies in Ireland with his team, but attracted unwanted attention from the police, the I.R.A., the U.V.F., and members of his own tea
    Character: Inspector Ned Kenny
    United Kingdom  1998
  • Rosewood
    Based on a true story, ROSEWOOD takes place in a predominantly black Florida town in 1923. A woman in the neighboring town of Sumner, beaten by a lover, falsely claims that a black man assaulted her, thereby providing an excuse fo...
    Character: John Wright
    United States  1997
  • The Rainmaker
    An ageing couple whose son is dying rely on an unemployed lawyer, Rudy Baylor, to generate the funds needed for an operation which may just save his life. As time passes, Rudy cultivates a strong hatred for corporate America at th...
    Character: Leo F. Drummond
    United States  1997
  • Most Wanted
    Sgt. James Dunn, who is wrongly accused of assassination of the officer he had a row with, is saved from death row and recruited for top-secret special operations squad led by Lt. Col Grant Casey. Their mission is to neutralize cr...
    Character: Gen. Adam Woodward / Lt. Col. Grant Casey
    United States  1997
  • U-Turn
    Bobby Cooper (Penn) is a gambler on the run who has the misfortune to have his radiator hose blow in a godforsaken Arizona hole-in-the-wall. He quickly meets the stunning Grace McKenna (Jennifer Lopez), and they go to her place to...
    Character: Blind Man
    United States  1997
  • Anaconda
    A group of filmmakers looking for a lost native tribe instead find a man-eating monster in this thriller. Terri Flores is a documentary filmmaker on assignment to make a film about the Shirishama Indians of the Amazon, a mysteriou...
    Character: Paul Serone
    United States  1997
  • Mission: Impossible
    Movie based on the television series finds Jim Phelps and his team charged with stopping a traitor from stealing and selling classified material. Everything was going well until the man they are following and all of the team are i...
    Character: Jim Phelps
    United States  1996
  • Heat
    Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are finally together on screen in this story about an intense rivalry between expert thief Neil McCauley (De Niro) and volatile cop Vincent Hanna (Pacino). McCauley will stop at nothing to do what he d...
    Character: Nate
    United States  1995
  • Return to Lonesome Dove (TV)
    Captain Call has just buried Gus at Lonesome Dove and plans to head back to his ranch in Montana. Looking at a herd of wild Mustangs, he decides to drive them north with the help of Isom and Gideon Walker. Gideon hires Agostina Ve...
    United States  1993
  • The Last of His Tribe (TV)
    Between 1800 & 1900 almost 300000 native americans were slaughtered. It was thought that none had remained in teh wild until one day in 1911 a doctor & his wife discover one survivor - and with him the secrets of a vanishe
    United States  1992
  • Desert Bloom
    The story involves Rose Chismore's youth. She flashes back and remembers her coming-of-age. Her recollections are sometimes less than sweet, particularly those of her troubled and alcoholic step-father. Her memories of Robin, her ...
    United States  1986
  • Runaway Train
    Two escaped convicts and a female railway worker find themselves trapped on a train with no brakes and nobody driving.
    Character: Oscar 'Manny' Manheim
    United States  1985
  • Lookin' to Get Out
    Two gamblers must leave New York City after one loses a lot of money. Doing what all gamblers in trouble would do, they hurry to the gambling capital Las Vegas to turn their luck around.
    Character: Alex Kovac
    United States  1982
  • The Champ
    Tearjerking story of an ex-boxing champion, Billy Flynn, who is managing to support his son, and continually training for the come-back that never quite comes off...
    United States  1979
  • Coming Home
    Sally Bender is the wife of a Captain in the United States Army. He is sent over to Vietnam, and Sally is alone. With nothing else to do, she decides to volunteer at a local veteran's hospital, where she meets Luke, who went to hi...
    United States  1978
  • The Judge and His Hangman
    While investigating a high-profile murder case, a savvy but unorthodox veteran police inspector has to cope with a bad conscience, bad health, an overzealous partner, a timid superior and interference from political interests. Thi...
    Character: Walter Tschanz (as John Voight)
    West Germany (BRD)  1975
  • Deliverance
    They left their troubles at the office. Left the wives and kids behind. Four men bound for the wilderness. It was the weekend they hoped for, a great adventure - without their golf clubs. Soon enough, the trip becomes a nightmare ...
    Character: Ed
    United States  1972
  • Catch-22
    A bombardier in World War II tries desperately to escape the insanity of the war. However, sometimes insanity is the only sane way cope with a crazy situation. Catch-22 is a parody of a "military mentality" and of a bure...
    United States  1970
  • Out of It
    The brain has his books. The brawn has his football. Which one is better equipped?
    United States  1969
  • Midnight Cowboy
    Texas greenhorn Joe Buck arrives in New York for the first time. Preening himself as a real 'hustler', he finds that he is the one getting 'hustled' until he teams up with a down-and-out but resilient outcast named Ratso Rizzo. Th...
    Character: Joe Buck
    United States  1969
  • Hour of the Gun
    Wyatt Earp tracks down the survivors of the Clanton Gang after the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
    United States  1967