Luchino Visconti

Profession: Director
Luchino Visconti
Real name: Luchino Visconti di Modrone
Birthdate: November 02, 1906
Date of death: March 17, 1976
Age: 69 years
Country: Italy Italy
Horoscope: Scorpio


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Luchino Visconti Nominations & Awards

Venice Film Festival

 - Silver Lion - Best Director WINNER


 - Best Director NOMINATED

David di Donatello

 - Best Director WINNER
   (Ludwig II)
 - Best Director WINNER
Luchino Visconti di Modrone was an Italian Director. He has won two David di Donatello Awards and an Venice International Film Festival. He's known for The Damned (1969), The Leopard (1963) and Death in Venice (1971).

All Movies of Luchino Visconti

  • The Innocent
    L'Innocente takes place among the social class to which Visconti belonged, but in the 1890s, ten years before he was born. This was to be Visconti's swansong, and he died just as the editing was being finished. The film tells the ...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1976
  • Conversation Piece
    Retired professor of American origin lives solitary life in luxurious palazzo in Rome He is confronted by vulgar Italian marchesa and her companions: her lover, her daughter and daughter's boyfriend and forced to rent to them an a...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1974
  • Ludwig II
    Historical evocation of Ludwig, king of Bavaria, from his crowning in 1864 until his death in 1886, as a romantic hero. Fan of Richard Wagner, betrayed by him, in love with his cousin Elisabeth of Austria, abandonned by her, torme...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1972
  • Death in Venice
    In this adaptation of the Thomas Mann novel, a few years before the outbreak of the Great War, avant-garde composer Gustave Aschenbach (loosely based on Gustav Mahler) travels to a Venetian seaside resort in search of repose after...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1971
  • The Damned
    A family's decline coincides with Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s and serves as an allegory for German society as a whole in this intoxicating work from Luchino Visconti. The Essenbeck family runs the German steel industry and...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1969
  • The Witches
    This Dino De Laurentiis production from 1965 is actually an anthology of five different directors' work, each telling their own stories about witches. The five stories are "The Witch Burned Alive," "Civic Sense," "The Earth As See...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1967
  • The Stranger
    Lo Straniero (The Stranger) (1967), Visconti's adaptation of Albert Camus's novel "L'Etranger", received mixed press on first release and has rarely been seen since. A man, a pied noir living in Algiers, hears the news o...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1967
  • Sandra of a Thousand Delights
    Sandra comes back to Volterra, in Tuscany, the little town where she spent her childhood. She is with her American husband, Andrew. She wishes to pay homage to her father who died in Auschwitz where she was still a little child. I...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1965
  • The Leopard
    Set in 1860s Sicily, it portrays the decline of an aristocratic family under the crushing weight of political change. The film traces the waning of the noble home of Fabrizio Corbero, Prince of Salina (the Leopard) and the corresp...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1963
  • Boccaccio '70
    An anthology of three adult tales by three leading Italian directors--a billboard photo of a scantily clad, sexy woman comes to life to torment the local censor; a lottery is held in which the prize is to spend the night with a be...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1962
  • Rocco and His Brothers
    It is the story of a poor family torn apart by lust and greed. Rocco (Alain Delon), a soft-spoken, idealistic young man who must deal with turmoil and competition when he and his three brothers set out to Milan in an attempt to im...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1960
  • White Nights
    Luchino Visconti's utterly gorgeous 1957 picture, adapted from the Dostoyevsky story, is a rich, visually stunning masterpiece from the acclaimed filmmaker. "Le Notti Bianche" stars Marcello Mastroianni (in an early role...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1957
  • Senso (The Wanton Countess)
    In 1866, in the spring of Venice, an underground rebel movement against the Austrian occupation in Italy is getting stronger. The married Countess Livia Serpieri (Alida Valli) sees her cousin challenging the Austrian Lieutenant Fr...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1954
  • We, the Women
    Five portraits of actresses in their "common" life, seen as women rather than movie stars. The first episode (of Alfredo Guarini) is the chronicle of a contest for aspirant actresses: Emma Danieli and Anna Amendola. ...
    Director of the film
    Italy  1953
  • The Earth Trembles
    In rural Sicily, the fishermen live at the mercy of the greedy wholesalers. One family risks everything to buy their own boat and operate independently.
    Director of the film
    Italy  1948