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Daniel Hendler . He's known for Cuando brillan las estrellas (2018), Severina (2017) and My First Wedding (2011).

All Movies of Daniel Hendler

  • Severina
    A tale of obsessive love. The bookstore owner is soon entangled in Severina's mystery: seductive and enigmatic, of uncertain nationality, she steals books. As in a dream, the disoriented man finds that the thin border between rati...
    Brazil  2017
  • Marziano's
    Los Marziano reconstructs the opportunity for a reunion of two brothers after a long period of separation. It is a story that with deep intelligence and a comedic sensibility deals with the universe of family relations.
    Argentina  2011
  • My First Wedding
    Jewish-born Adrián and Catholic-born Leonora have finally reached their wedding day. Instead of gracefully embracing matrimony, Adrián spends the hours leading up to the ceremony trying to postpone it, not because he's got cold ...
    Character: Adrián Meier
    Argentina  2011
  • Fase 7
    Coco (Hendler) has just moved to a new apartment with his wife Pipi (Stuart), who's seven months pregnant. At first, they don't seem to notice the growing chaos around them, but when authorities quarantine their building after a d...
    Argentina  2010
  • Los paranoicos
    Luciano is a neurotic and accident-prone children's entertainer who is struggling to launch a career as a screenwriter when he's not fretting about his health. After Luciano accidentally puts his performing partner, Sherman, in th...
    Argentina  2008
  • Family Law
    Ariel Perelman is a lawyer like his dad. But there is one huge difference between them. While his father represents a colourful array of criminals, Ariel has more to do with ghosts… In other words, he works for a legal departmen...
    Argentina  2006
  • Whisky
    Montevideo, Uruguay. Jacobo, a 60-year-old man, lives alone since the death of his mother, of whom he took care up to her last day. All he has in life is a humble sock factory about to go out of business. Marta, 48, Jacobo's rig...
    Uruguay  2004
  • The Bottom of the Sea
    Toledo, 25 years old, future architect, suffers from an acute jealousy. He cannot concentrate on his job nor on his studies, being continuously mindful of his girlfriend and concubine Ana's whereabouts and activities. Toledo arriv...
    Character: Toledo
    Argentina  2003
  • Lost Embrace
    A young Jewish man who spends most of his life in a shopping mall longs to obtain a passport so he can journey back to Poland, as his father did, but those close to him have more important things to worry about.
    Argentina  2003