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Manuela de Freitas . He's known for The Portuguese Woman (2018), God's Comedy (1995) and The Hips of J.W. (1997).

All Movies of Manuela de Freitas

  • The Spousals of God
    Two shadow-like figures meet in an old, icy park when all seems lost. They are Deus and a Messenger from God. The Messenger gives the Crook (which is the temporary state of poor Joao de Deus) a suitcase full of money. Having accom...
    Portugal  1999
  • The Hips of J.W.
    Two actors performing in Strindberg's "Inferno" as God and Lucifer, find themselves competing in real life as well. One of them, Henrique, has spiritual obsession with John Wayne and his way of walking. He and de Dieu, h...
    Portugal  1997
  • God's Comedy
    João de Deus is the manager of an ice-cream shop owned by an ex-prostitute, Paraíso dos Gelados (Ice-Cream Paradise). Through a unmoved desire of perfection, he seeks, through cleansing and purity to attain heaven. The surroundi...
    Portugal  1995
  • Corte de Cabelo
    The film is set in Lisbon, and tells the story of a day in the life of Rita and Paulo, a Portuguese young couple of the 90's, belonging to the first generation of Portuguese to grow up inside the European Union. The fast changing ...
    Portugal  1995
  • Recollections of the Yellow House
    The story concerns the irrepressible João de Deus, an ill-kempt, lusty and none-too-honest resident of Violeta's boarding house, which happens to have yellow walls. João, who has no visible means of support, is in his fifties, a...
    Portugal  1989
  • Past and Present
    Vanda is a young widow, with a number of marriages past her, who tends to venerate each deceased husband, as much as she betrays and denigrates the present one.
    Portugal  1972
  • Fragments of an Alms-Film
    On his first feature, Monteiro analyzes a family: the relationships between father and daughter, husband and wife, and also the relationship between the head of the family and his wife's parents. The pressure to build a standard f...
    Character: Maria
    Portugal  1972