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 - Best actor on TV WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor NOMINATED
Edward Fox . He has won three BAFTA Awards. He's known for Gandhi (1982), The Dresser (1983) and The Dresser (TV) (2015).

All Movies of Edward Fox

  • The Happy Prince
    It centers around the final three years of Oscar Wilde (1897–1900). Wilde (Rupert Everett), sequestered at a remote seaside hotel in France by faithful friends (Edwin Thomas and Colin Firth), is soon restlessly traversing Europe...
    United Kingdom  2018
  • The Dresser (TV)
    In a touring Shakespearean theatre company, backstage hand Norman is devoted to the brilliant but tyrannical head of the company, Sir. He struggles to support the deteriorating star as the company works to carry on during the Lond...
    Character: Thornton
    United Kingdom  2015
  • Stage Beauty
    Actor Edward “Ned” Kynaston (Billy Crudup) may well be the most desired man in all of London. The Restoration is in full swing, and enthusiastic audiences of aristocrats and commoners pack the theatres that were shuttered duri...
    Character: Sir Edward Hyde
    United States  2004
  • Daniel Deronda (TV Miniseries)
    Set in Victorian London, Gwendolen Harleth is drawn to Daniel Deronda, a selfless and intelligent gentleman of unknown parentage, but her own desperate need for financial security may destroy her chance at happiness.
    United Kingdom  2002
  • The Importance of Being Earnest
    Two young gents living in the 1890's England have taken to bending the truth in order to put some excitement in their lives. Jack Worthing (Colin Firth) lives in the country with his pretty ward Cecily Cardew (Reese Witherspoon). ...
    Character: Lane
    United Kingdom  2002
  • Nicholas Nickleby
    Young Nicholas and his family enjoy a comfortable life, until Nicholas' father dies and the family is left penniless. Nicholas, his sister and mother venture to London to seek help from their Uncle Ralph, but Ralph's only intentio...
    Character: Sir Mulberry Hawk
    United States  2002
  • Lost in Space
    The space family Robinson is on a journey to Alpha Prime in the hopes of establishing a colony there and thereby saving humanity from extinction. Their plans are foiled by the evil Dr. Smith (Oldman) and they find themselves curio...
    United States  1998
  • Gulliver's Travels (TV)
    All star adaptation of Jonathan Swift's satirical tale about a normal man who, after returning home following eight years of absence, relates fantastical tales about how he was thought to be giant in the Land of Lilliput, but was ...
    Character:  General Limtoc 1 episode, 1996
    United Kingdom  1996
  • A Month by The Lake
    Redgrave takes the plunge into highly familiar romantic comedy of the Proper English sort and glides effortlessly through this slow-moving but often charming adaptation of an H. E. Bates short story. Set in pre-WWII northern Italy...
    Character: Major Wilshaw
    United Kingdom  1994
  • Robin Hood
    Yet another version of the classic epic, with enough variation to make it interesting. The story is the same, but some of the characters are quite different from the usual, in particular Uma Thurman's very special maid Marian. The...
    United Kingdom  1991
  • Screen Two (TV Series)
    (1985-2002). 10 seasons. Producer Kenith Trodd was part of a 1984 team brought together to study how the BBC should respond to Channel Four's pioneering efforts in making films for both television and theatrical release. The resul...
    United Kingdom  1985
  • Wild Geese II
    A group of mercenaries is hired to spring Rudolf Hess from Spandau Prison in Berlin.
    United Kingdom  1985
  • The Shooting Party
    This British Merchant-Ivory look-alike was adapted from a novel by Isabel Colgate. In the summer before World War I, British nobleman James Mason invites an assorted group of acquaintances for a weekend shooting party on his huge ...
    United Kingdom  1985
  • The Bounty
    The familiar story of Lieutenant Bligh, whose cruelty leads to a mutiny on his ship. This version follows both the efforts of Fletcher Christian to get his men beyond the reach of British retribution, and the epic voyage of Lieute...
    Character: Captain Greetham
    United Kingdom  1984
  • Never Say Never Again
    A SPECTRE agent has stolen two American nuclear warheads, and James Bond must find their targets before they are detonated.
    Character: 'M'
    United Kingdom  1983
  • The Dresser
    In a touring Shakespearean theater group, a backstage hand - the dresser, is devoted to the brilliant but tyrannical head of the company. He struggles to support the deteriorating star as the company struggles to carry on during t...
    United Kingdom  1983
  • Gandhi
    Richard Attenborough's award-winning epic recounts the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi. In South Africa, a young Indian lawyer is booted off a train for refusing to ride second-class. Fed up with the unjust political system, he j...
    Character: General Dyer
    United Kingdom  1982
  • The Mirror Crack'd
    Based on the novel by Agatha Christie. The year is 1953. The small English village of St. Mary Mead, home to Miss Jane Marple, is delighted when a big American movie company arrives to make a movie telling of the relationship betw...
    Character: Inspector Craddock
    United Kingdom  1980
  • Edward & Mrs. Simpson (TV)
    7x50min episodes. While still the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VIII meets the married American socialite, Wallis Simpson. Their relationship causes furor in the palace and in parliament, especially when King George V dies, M...
    United Kingdom  1978
  • The Big Sleep
    Filmmaker Michael Winner switched the setting of Raymond Chandler's classic mystery novel from 1940's Los Angeles to 1970's London. When wealthy General Sternwood is blackmailed, he hires private detective Philip Marlowe to help h...
    United Kingdom  1978
  • Force Ten from Navarone
    During World War II, several oddly assorted military experts are teamed in a mission to raid and destroy a bridge vital to enemy strategy.
    United Kingdom  1978
  • The Duellists
    During the era of the Napoleonic wars, a conflict arises between two of the emperor's cavalry officers when one of them, the aristocratic Lt. D'Hubert (Keith Carradine), is sent by his superior to deliver the message to commoner L...
    Character: Colonel
    United Kingdom  1977
  • A Bridge Too Far
    Richard Attenborough‘s star–studded re–telling of the allies‘ attempts to capture several bridges in Germany during World War II, in a campaign called operation Market Garden.
    Character: Lt. Gen. Horrocks
    United Kingdom  1977
  • A Doll's House
    Nora Helmer has years earlier committed a forgery in order to save the life of her authoritarian husband Torvald. Now she is being blackmailed lives in fear of her husband's finding out and of the shame such a revelation would bri...
    United Kingdom  1973
  • The Day of the Jackal
    Year 1963. President De Gaulle decides to grant independence to French Algeria, several of the soldiers, who fought in that campaign, feel that De Gaulle is belittling the lives of the men who died there. So they form a group and ...
    Character: The Jackal
    United Kingdom  1973
  • Skullduggery
    An expedition into the interior of Papua New Guinea comes across a tribe of ape-like people who may or may not be ancestors of early man. However, the influence of modern man is to have devastating effects upon these forgotten peo
    United States  1970
  • The Go-Between
    Summer 1900: Queen Victoria's last and the summer Leo turns 13. He's the guest of Marcus, a wealthy classmate, at a grand home in rural Norfolk. Leo is befriended by Marian, Marcus's twenty-something sister, a beauty about to be e...
    Character: Hugh Trimingham
    United Kingdom  1970
  • Battle of Britain
    There's something about this film that's so irresistible, despite its grandiose manipulation. Maybe because it recounts the greatest air battle in history, achieving the greatest aerial battle in film history. Maybe because it has...
    United Kingdom  1969
  • The Jokers
    Oliver Reed and Michael Crawford play two brothers who are always trying to find some way to succeed with cleverness rather than simple drudgery. Crawford is constantly living in his brother's shadow as the one who gets caught. Af...
    United Kingdom  1967
  • The Long Duel
    A conflict of ideals - a conflict of arms - fought out in the Himalayas and across the scorching plains of India.
    United Kingdom  1967
  • The Naked Runner
    Frank Sinatra stars as an American businessman who gets involved in an assassination plot while on a business trip to Germany. Set during a time in our history ridden with political paranoia, the plot reveals the treachery of the ...
    Character: Ritchie Jackson
    United States  1967
  • Life at the Top
    Joe Lampton thought he had really made it by marrying the boss's daughter in his northern mill town. But he finds he is being sidelined at work and his private life manipulated by his father-in-law. Even so, he ignores an offer of...
    United Kingdom  1965
  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner
    A Borstal boy has nothing going for him except the ability to run. He is selected to compete against a public school and starts a training programme, during which he relives his troubled past and plans how to show his contempt for
    United Kingdom  1962