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Jorge Sesán . He's known for To the Desert (2017), The Son of God (2016) and Overflow (2010).

All Movies of Jorge Sesán

  • Vergara
    arcelo Vergara is an emotionless man; anti-social and arrogant, someone who still alternates between his teenage years - bohemian, rocker, and anarchic- and his present self. Now nearing his 40th birthday, Vergara has a dream. A w...
    Character: Marcelo Vergara
    Argentina  2018
  • To the Desert
    Driven by the insecurity of her working situation, Julia, an employee at the Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina) casino, gives in to the temptations of Gwynfor, a laconic man of Welsh descent, who promises her an administrative job wit...
    Argentina  2017
  • The Son of God
    THE SON OF GOD is a film about football. Frame as a parody of the western genre code, it plays with the idea of placing the book 'Football - Dynamics of the unthinkable' by D.Panzeri, in the religious context of the New Testament....
    Argentina  2016
  • From Tuesday to Tuesday
    John is a 35 year old man whose hobby is bodybuilding. He works in a factory, where despite its huge, muscular physique, is mistreated by their bosses and colleagues. His biggest dream is to leave that life gray and get a better l
    Argentina  2012
  • The Bones Tunnel
    Seven men escape from prison by digging a tunnel. Apart from the difficulties they experience with the prison guards and the other convicts, they still have to handle conflicts among themselves. Inside the tunnel they come across ...
    Argentina  2011
  • Overflow
    After 12 years without seeing each other, Marcos and Ivan meet for the first time. Ivan is a psychiatrist. Marcos has changed his path. They meet because they want to signify the death of Martin Tayal. Twelve years ago, Ivan, Mar...
    Character: Alberto Dancuello
    Argentina  2010
  • Pizza, Beer and Cigarettes
    A gang of teenagers roam the slums until Sandra decides that she's had enough. Pregnant with El Cordobes' child, Sandra threatens to leave him if he doesn't straighten up. He decides to pull one more heist, but his plans go terrib
    Argentina  1997