Dobrina Cristeva Liubomirova

Dobrina Cristeva Liubomirova
Real name: Dobrina Liubomirova Stoylova Anguelova
Birthdate: October 09, 1968
Age: 54 years
Country: Bulgaria Bulgaria
Horoscope: Libra


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Dobrina Liubomirova Stoylova Anguelova, better known as Dobrina Cristeva Liubomirova, is an Bulgarian. She's known for Desvestidas y alborotadas (1991), El complot mongol (2018) and Love in the Time of Hysteria (1991).

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  • El complot mongol
    Filiberto García has 72 hours to discover the veracity of the rumor received by the Soviet Union about the plan of Comunist China to assassinate the president of the United States.
    Mexico  2018
  • Night Trails
    A first love is never forgotten...but can the romance of the past be re-ignited in desperate and uncertain circumstances? A recently retired judge finds a photo of the girl he loved in his youth. Overwhelmed by romantic nostalgia,...
    Mexico  1996
  • Asesino por instinto
    An ambitious man enters a business that his wife does not approve and therefore hires a criminal to kill her.
    Mexico  1993
  • Love in the Time of Hysteria
    Young yuppie and womanizer Tomas (Gimenez Cacho) is caught in a trap when falsely diagnosed with AIDS by Silvia (Liubomirova), a nurse who finds herself cheated by the young Casanova. Looking for a quick death (putting his head in...
    Mexico  1991