Maribel Verdú

Profession: Actress
Maribel Verdú
Real name: María Isabel Verdú Rollán
Birthdate: October 02, 1970
Age: 51 years
Country: Spain Spain
Horoscope: Libra


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 - Best Leading Actress WINNER
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 - Best Leading Actress WINNER
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
María Isabel Verdú Rollán is an Spanish Actress. She has won two Goya Awards and an Forqué Awards. She's known for And Your Mother Too (2001), Pan's Labyrinth (2006) and Belle Epoque (The Age of Beauty) (1992).

All Movies of Maribel Verdú

  • Historias de nuestro cine
    On 11 May 1896, in the Price circus, owned by Englishman William Parish, the Hungarian Edwin Rousby, using an animatograph, screened the first moving images ever shown in Spain. Based on that event, our narrator, Antonio Resines, ...
    Character: Self
    Spain  2019
  • El doble más quince
    The film narrates existential questions from two points of view, a woman with experience in life and a teenager who still has a whole life to live.
    Character: Ana
    Spain  2019
  • Ola de crímenes
    Leyre is a wealthy woman who lives in a Neguri villa, whose tranquility is broken when her teenage son kills her ex-husband in a fit of anger. With the intention of protecting her only son, she tries to hide the crime from the Ert...
    Character: Leyre
    Spain  2018
  • Sin rodeos
    Santiago Segura, creator and star of the “Torrente” movie series and one of the Spanish-speaking world’s most popular comedians, is directing his first non-“Torrente” movie, a Spanish version of Nicolas Lopez’s Chilean...
    Character: Paz
    Spain  2018
  • Abracadabra
    Carmen is a housewife who lives in the Carabanchel neighbourhood of Madrid. One day, she discovers that her husband seems to be possessed by an evil spirit, and so begins a thorough investigation, straddling terror and ludicrousne...
    Character: Carmen
    Spain  2017
  • Superlópez
    He has super-vision, he can fly, stop a subway train so it doesn’t derail… and then return to the office and make an effort to be a normal Joe. Furthermore, Juan López doesn’t know he’s the carrier of a vital secret that ...
    Character: Ágata Muller
    Spain  2017
  • The Lighthouse of the Whales
    Beto is a lonely man who works as Ranger of the isolated Peninsula Valdes' National Park (Chubut, Argentina). Lover of the nature and animals, the peace of his days watching orcas, seals and sea lions in the sea ends after the arr...
    Character: Lola
    Spain  2016
  • La punta del iceberg
    A large multinational company is shaken by the suicide of three employees. The company sends a directive, Sofia Cuevas, to conduct an internal investigation. She discovers an unhealthy work environment: a pathogenic form of manage...
    Character: Sofía Cuevas
    Spain  2016
  • Ultravioleta (S)
    A restorer of paintings has to spend the whole night working to rescue a hidden painting. His obsession and energy waste will lead you to discover something far beyond.
    Character: Lola (restauradora de arte)
    Spain  2014
  • People in Places
    Comedy, drama, social chronicle, horror and surrealism with a common denominator: the uncompromising poetry of of the human condition against the onslaught of the unusual and the chaotic.
    Spain  2013
  • 15 Years + 1 Day
    The relationship between a conflictive teenager and his grandfather Max, a retired soldier. When Jon is expelled from school, Marga, his mother, decides to pack him off to Max in the hope that he will bring him back into line. The...
    Character: Margo
    Spain  2013
  • The End
    A group of old friends gets together for a weekend in a mountain cabin. Years have gone by and yet nothing seems to have changed between them. But lurking behind the laughter and stories is a murky episode from the past that conti...
    Character: Maribel
    Spain  2012
  • Blancanieves (Snow White)
    BLANCANIEVES is a gothic melodrama inspired by the Brothers' Grimm tale. Once upon a time there was a little girl who had never met her mother, and she grew up being hated by her evil stepmother. She learned her father’s art, a ...
    Character: Encarna
    Spain  2012
  • 1395 Days Without Red
    An elegant young woman makes her way through an empty city. At every crossing she stops, looks and listens. Should she wait or should she run? Should she wait for others or take the risk on her own? The city is Sarajevo, and the r...
    Character: Maribel
    Bosnia and Herzegovina  2011
  • Chrysalis
    Interwoven emotions and struggles of three women of different generations aiming to build the lives they desire, their own future, love and dreams. All of them lose the love of their lives and they will have to pursue their happin...
    Spain  2011
  • Tetro
    Fresh faced and naive, 17-year-old Bennie arrives in Buenos Aires to search for his older brother who has been missing for more than a decade. The family had emigrated from Italy to Argentina, but with the great musical success of...
    Character: Miranda
    United States  2009
  • The Blind Sunflowers
    Each time Elena closes the door to her house, she locks away her secrets. At the same time as overcoming the post-war hardships, Elena puts on an outward show, along with her son Lorenzo, in order to hide the truth about her famil...
    Character: Elena
    Spain  2008
  • Low Quality People
    Manuel has been away from the neighborhood either working as a male prostitute or backpacking in Scotland. His return home to start anew coincides with a major forest fire, and soon he is coercing family and friends to volunteer f...
    Character: Osiris
    Spain  2008
  • The Mud Boy
    Police try to hunt down a serial killer in 1912 Buenos Aires.
    Character: Estela
    Argentina  2007
  • La zona
    Residents of an enclosed neighborhood in the middle of Mexico DF are shocked by a violent crime, and for one resident in particular, young Alejandro, the drama is ratcheted up when he encounters the lone kid who escaped the event ...
    Character: Mariana
    Mexico  2007
  • Siete mesas de billar francés
    Angela (Maribel Verdú) and her son Guille travel to the big city to see Leo, her father and the boy's grandfather, when he suddenly takes ill. However, they arrive to discover that he has just passed away. Charo (Blanca Portillo)...
    Character: Ángela
    Spain  2007
  • El laberinto del fauno: Detras de las camaras
    Documentary about Pan´s Labyrinth: interviews with Guillermo del Toro, actors, curiosities about film... Extra contained in the DVD of the movie, Pan's Labyrinth.
    Character: Self
    Spain  2006
  • Pan's Labyrinth
    PAN'S LABYRINTH is a fanciful and chilling story set against the backdrop of a fascist regime in 1944 rural Spain. The film centers on Ofelia, a lonely and dreamy child living with her mother and adoptive father; a military office...
    Character: Mercedes
    Mexico  Spain  2006
  • Stormy Weather
    Two couples are seated at neighbouring tables in a fashionable restaurant. Elena and Chus are dining with a group of friends, although that doesn’t stop them from arguing. Nearby, Sara and Oscar are trying fo keep their marriage...
    Character: Elena
    Spain  2003
  • Jericho Mansions
    A murder in an old apartment building leads the superintendent to suspect everyone, and eventually himself, of the murder.
    Character: Dolores O'Donell
    Canada  2003
  • The Hold-Up
    Lola's a single mom, broke, working as a janitor and maid. Silvia is pregnant, and her lover (her boss) won't leave his wife. Maite, newly a widow, discovers she's penniless but wants to maintain appearances and give her daughter ...
    Character: Silvia
    Spain  2001
  • And Your Mother Too
    Julio (Gael García Bernal) and Tenoch (Diego Luna) are two seventeen-year-old best friends whose sexy, young girlfriends are headed to Italy for summer vacation. At a family wedding in Mexico City, the boys' attention is diverted...
    Character: Luisa
    Mexico  2001
  • Goya in Bordeaux
    Brilliant painter Francisco de Goya, considered by many to be the most important artist of the modern era, reflects on his turbulent career and tempestuous relationships during the decline of Spain and a bloody war of independence...
    Character: Duquesa de Alba
    Spain  1999
  • El entusiasmo
    After fourty years of dictatorship, everything seemed possible.
    Character: Isabel
    Chile  1999
  • Frontera Sur
    This historical drama addresses European immigration to the Americas (in this case to Buenos Aires, Argentina) during the last two decades of the 19th century. Among its main characters are a Spanish immigrant, a German one, and a...
    Character: Teresa / Piera
    Spain  1998
  • Backroads
    Character: Paquita (as Maribel Verdu)
    Spain  1997
  • Lucky Star
    Marina, a woman with a glass eye, has the bad luck to be the victim of an assault witnessed by Rafael, a goodhearted butcher, who rescues her from her attacker, a man named Daniel. Rafael has physical problems of his own, but the ...
    Character: Marina
    Spain  1997
  • La Celestina
    Callisto enlists the aid of his roguish servants and a mature woman, Celestina, to help win the heart of Melibea. In gratitude, Callisto offers Celestina some clothing of sentimental value. Callisto's servants become jealous and k...
    Character: Areusa (as Maribel Verdu)
    Spain  1996
  • Golden Balls
    Benito González works construction in Melilla and dreams big - of building the tallest building in Benidorm, a great phallic symbol of power, González Towers. Over several years, we see Benito's rise and fall, much like the cons...
    Character: Claudia (La amante, 52 kilos)
    Spain  1993
  • Belle Epoque (The Age of Beauty)
    The sultry Spanish countryside, 1931. The monarchy is ending, and the army and church reign supreme over Spanish life. In this tumultuous world, a young soldier Fernando (Jorge Sanz), decides to desert the army in hopes of finding...
    Spain  1992
  • Salsa rosa
    Ana's husband is the perfect wealthy middle-class man. Koro's husband is a cook with no more ambitions. One day, Ana meets Koro in a night club and she proposes Ana to seduce each others husbands. The following morning Ana thinks ...
    Character: Koro
    Spain  1991
  • Lovers: A True Story
    In Madrid, in the mid-1950s, Paco, a handsome young man from the provinces serving the last days of his military service, is in search of both a steady job and lodging. He is engaged to be married to Trini, his commandant’s maid...
    Character: Trini
    Spain  1991
  • Riders of the Dawn (TV Miniseries)
    Set in a spa hotel during the Spanish Civil War, Marian is the niece of the proprietress. When her mother dies, her hopes of owning the place are fullfilled. During the revolution in October 1936, her lover Martin joins some revol...
    Spain  1990
  • Scent of a Crime
    Spain, 1950s. The corpse of an unknown person appears in the town square of Bocentellas, within the mythical territory of Región. The inhabitants will ask for help to Captain Medina, young officer in command of a nearby military ...
    Character: La Chiqui
    Spain  1988
  • Sinatra
    Alfredo Landa is a lonely, depressing and poor man who lives in Barcelona (specifically in a cheap motel) and whose job is to imitate Frank Sinatra in an also cheap cabaret (where Groucho Marx or Marilyn Monroe are also imitated)....
    Character: Natalia
    Spain  1988
  • The Year of Awakening
    April, 1940. Manolo, 15 years old, and Jesus, who is just 8, are taken by their older brother Pepe, a lieutenant in the Army, to a sanatorium for children suffering from tuberculosis, situated on the border with Portugal. Once in ...
    Character: María Jesús
    Spain  1986
  • 27 Hours
    Character: Maite (as Maribel Verdu)
    Spain  1986