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Paulo José Nominations & Awards

Cinema Brazil Grand Prize

 - Best Supporting Actor WINNER
   (The Clown)
 - Best Leading Actor NOMINATED
Paulo José . He has won an Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. He's known for Macunaima (1969), Policarpo Quaresma, Herói do Brasil (1998) and The Man Who Copied (2002).

All Movies of Paulo José

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  • Zimba
    Documentary about the career and artistic imagination of the actor and director Zbigniew Ziembinski (1908-1978), precursor of modern theater in Latin America and teacher of generations of Brazilian actors. The polyphonic montage i...
    Character: Self
    Brazil  2021
  • Babenco: Tell Me When I Die
    A blend of two nationalities, a master of the moving image, Hector was in life a little of everything - from a tomb salesman to spaghetti western extra, from a photographer of steakhouses to an Oscar nominated movie director. Pole...
    Brazil  2019
  • Todos os Paulos do Mundo
    The creation of Babel scatters over the world men who speak different languages: all the faces, bodies and voices of Paulo José are embodied in the characters that the actor has played throughout his career in theater, television...
    Character: Himself
    Brazil  2017
  • The Clown
    Father and son work as clownsBenjamim (Selton Mello) and Valdemar (Paulo José) in a circus in the Brazilian countryside. Benjamin decides to follow a different path and meets several people on the way.
    Character: Valdemar / Puro Sangue
    Brazil  2011
  • The Two Deaths of Quincas Wateryell
    Friends of the recently deceased Quincas take their pal's body on one last tour of his favorite spots in Brazil's Bahia
    Character: Quincas
    Brazil  2010
  • Sunstroke
    Loosely inspired by the Russian tales of the 19th century, the film tells stories of amorous deserts, loves and losses. In an empty Brasilia scorched by the sun, young and old confuse the feverish sensation of sunstroke with the d...
    Character: Andrei
    Brazil  2009
  • The Dead Girl's Feast
    The concept of fabricating faith and attempting to find solace in the face of the ultimate mystery are the central themes of this film concerning a man exalted to sainthood after performing a miracle on his deceased mother, who ha...
    Character: Padre
    Brazil  2008
  • Person
    It narrates the life and history of Luís Sérgio Person, a publicist and journalist who also worked in film and theater, narrated through archive images of Person himself and extracts from his works. Throughout his career, he dir...
    Brazil  2007
  • Saneamento Básico, O Filme
    A small community of descendants of Italian immigrants in the interior of the state of Rio Grande do Sul resorts to making a video to try to solve the problems of basic sanitation that plague their village.
    Character: Otaviano
    Brazil  2007
  • The Man Who Copied
    André Maciel, a young man who works in a photocopier shop, falls in love with his neighbour Sílvia, who works in a clothes shop. In order to get closer to her he starts buying clothes he can't afford. To pay for them he begins p...
    Brazil  2002
  • Policarpo Quaresma, Herói do Brasil
    Policarpo is a chauvinistic patriot, a major who tries to find solutions for Brazilian problems using only the resources of his own country. His visionary and idealistic temperament is behind his strange ideas about how to build a
    Brazil  1998
  • Better Days Ahead
    In a Brazilian studio, where an American TV series is being dubbed to Portuguese, the middle-age Mary Matos dreams of becoming a Hollywood star. Her needy sentimental life is very complex: she lost her first love in a motorcycle a...
    Brazil  1989
  • Macunaima
    Character: White Macunaíma / Macunaíma's mother
    Brazil  1969
  • The Priest and the Girl
    In a small village in the interior of Minas Gerais, a young priest (Paulo José) arrives as the substituted for Priest Antônio, who is almost dead. There, he meets the old man Fortunato (Mário Lago), who is the local leader and ...
    Character: Priest
    Brazil  1965