Ian McShane

Profession: Actor
Ian McShane
Real name: Ian David McShane
Birthdate: September 29, 1942
Age: 79 years
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Horoscope: Libra
Stature: 1,75 m (5 ft 9 in)


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Ian McShane Nominations & Awards

Golden Globes Awards

 - Best Leading Actor in a TV Series - Drama WINNER
 - Best Actor in a Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for TV NOMINATED

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series NOMINATED


 - Best Voice Acting NOMINATED

Critics Choice Award

 - Best Leading Actor in a TV Series - Drama NOMINATED


 - Best Leading Actor TV - Drama NOMINATED
Ian David McShane, better known as Ian McShane, is an British Actor. He has won an Golden Globes Awards. He's known for Sexy Beast (2000), Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011) and Hercules (2014).

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  • Deadwood: The Movie
    Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested and old wounds are reopened, as all are left to navigate the inevitable changes that modernity and time have wrought. Feature film based on the TV series, 'Deadwood'.
    Character: Al Swearengen
    United States  2019
  • John Wick 3: Parabellum
    In this third installment of the adrenaline-fueled action franchise, super-assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) returns with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. After killing a memb...
    Character: Winston
    United States  2019
  • Hellboy
    Based on the graphic novels by Mike Mignola, Hellboy, caught between the worlds of the supernatural and human, battles an ancient sorceress bent on revenge.
    Character: Professor Broom
    United States  2019
  • Pottersville
    Maynard (Michael Shannon) is a beloved local businessman who is mistaken for the legendary Bigfoot during an inebriated romp through town in a makeshift gorilla costume. The sightings set off an international Bigfoot media spectac...
    United States  2017
  • American Gods (TV Series)
    Shadow is a man with a past. But now he wants nothing more than to live a quiet life with his wife and stay out of trouble. Until he learns that she's been killed in a terrible accident. Flying home for the funeral, as a violent s...
    Character:  Mr. Wednesday 26 episodes, 2017-2021
    United States  2017
  • Jawbone
    A former youth boxing champion, Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris), is a man in search of hope but looking in all the wrong places. When he hits rock bottom he turns to his childhood boxing club and the only family he has left: gym owne...
    United Kingdom  2017
  • John Wick: Chapter Two
    After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.
    Character: Winston
    United States  2017
  • Nespresso: Change Nothing (S)
    George embarks on a rough night as he looks to protect his precious coffee. Starting in the stylish Nespresso boutique on London's Regent Street, George's adventure begins as he strikes up conversation with an attractive female ov...
    United Kingdom  2016
  • The Hollow Point
    A new sheriff of a small town along the U.S. & Mexico border investigates a drug cartel deal that went horribly wrong.
    United States  2016
  • Grimsby (The Brothers Grimsby)
    MI6's top assassin (Mark Strong) has a brother. Unfortunately for him, he's an English football supporter (Sacha Baron Cohen) from the town of Grimsby. Nobby has everything a man from the poor English fishing town of Grimsby could...
    Character: MI6 Spy Boss
    United Kingdom  2016
  • Hercules
    Fourteen hundred years ago, a tormented soul walked the earth that was neither man nor god. Hercules was the powerful son of the god king Zeus, for this he received nothing but suffering his entire life. After twelve arduous labor...
    Character: Amphiaraus
    United States  2014
  • El Niño
    The story stars two teenagers on the one side, El Niño and El Compi, who want to enter the world of drug trafficking, and two police officers on the other, Jesús and Eva, who have been trying to eradicate the drug trafficking ne
    Character: Inglés
    Spain  2014
  • John Wick
    In New York ex-hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves) comes out of retirement to track down the NY gangsters that took everything from him.
    Character: Winston
    United States  2014
  • Hercules
    Fourteen hundred years ago, a tormented soul walked the earth that was neither man nor god. Hercules was the powerful son of the god king Zeus, for this he received nothing but suffering his entire life. After twelve arduous labor...
    Character: Amphiaraus
    United States  2014
  • Jack the Giant Slayer
    A modern day fairy tale in which the long-standing peace between men and giants is threatened, as a young farmer leads an expedition into the giants' kingdom in hopes of rescuing a kidnapped princess.
    Character: King Brahmwell
    United States  2013
  • How We Used to Live
    A cinematic ode to post-war London by acclaimed director Paul Kelly, created using rare footage drawn from the British Film Institute's National Archive and original music by Saint Etienne with a narration by Ian McShane.
    United Kingdom  2013
  • Ray Donovan (TV Series)
    On "Ray Donovan," Liev Shreiber stars as titular character, L.A.'s go-to problem solver amongst the city's elite. The only issues he can't make disappear are the ones created by his damaged "Southie" family bac...
    Character:  Andrew Finney 9 episodes, 2015
    United States  2013
  • American Horror Story: Asylum (TV Miniseries)
    American Horror Story: Asylum is the second season of the American horror television series American Horror Story. Announced on October 31, 2011 and premiering on FX on October 17, 2012, the premise of the second season marks a de...
    Character:  Leigh Emerson 2 episodes, 2012
    United States  2012
  • Snow White and the Huntsman
    A huntsman is ordered to take Snow White into the woods and kill her but instead he chooses to let her go and the two are evidently chained together for part of the movie as they make their escape. Directed by well known commercia...
    Character: Beith
    United States  2012
  • Game of Thrones (TV Series)
    TV Series (2011-Today). An adaptation of George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series "A Song of Ice and Fire," in which kings, queens, knights and renegades use swords and magic to battle for the throne. Seven noble famili...
    Character:  Brother Ray 1 episode, 2016
    United States  2011
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
    Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) finds himself on an unexpected journey to the fabled Fountain of Youth when a gorgeous woman from his past (Penelope Cruz) forces him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the formidable p...
    Character: Barbanegra
    United States  2011
  • The Pillars of the Earth (TV Miniseries)
    The Pillars of the Earth is a sweeping epic of good and evil, treachery and intrigue, violence and beauty. This sensuous, spirited and passionate story is set against a backdrop of war, religious strife and power struggles which t...
    Character:  Waleran Bigod 8 episodes, 2010
    Germany  2010
  • 44 Inch Chest
    A jealous husband and his friends plot the kidnapping of his wife's lover with the intention of restoring his wounded ego.
    Character: Meredith
    United Kingdom  2009
  • Case 39
    Emily Jenkins (Renée Zellweger) is a social worker who fights to save ten years old girl Lilith Sullivan (Jodelle Ferland) from her abusive parents, only to discover that the situation -her 39th case- is more dangerous than she e
    Character: Detective Barron
    United States  2009
  • Coraline
    Based on Neil Gaiman's short children's novel of the same name, Coraline is a young bored girl who discovers that bricked-up wall behind a door in her flat leads to another world, with another mother, and another father. It all be...
    Character: voz Sr. Bobinsky
    United States  2009
  • Death Race
    Set in Terminal Island in a future version of America, a prisoner (Statham) who is weeks away from being released is forced by his warden (Allen) to compete in a brutal, deadly car race alongside his fellow inmates. The world’s ...
    Character: Coach
    United States  2008
  • Kung Fu Panda
    A CG-animated comedy about a lazy, irreverent slacker panda, Po (Voiced by Jack Black), who must somehow become a Kung Fu Master in order to save the Valley of Peace from a villainous snow leopard, Tai Lung. Set in the legendary w...
    Character: voz Tai Lung
    United States  2008
  • Hot Rod
    Self-proclaimed stuntman Rod Kimble (Andy Samberg) is preparing for the jump of his life. Rod plans to clear fifteen buses in an attempt to raise money for his abusive stepfather Frank’s life-saving heart operation. He’ll land...
    Character: Frank Powell
    United States  2007
  • The Golden Compass
    Based on author Philip Pullman's bestselling and award-winning novel, The Golden Compass tells the first story in Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. The Golden Compass is an exciting fantasy adventure, set in an alternative wor...
    Character: voz Ragnar Sturlusson
    United States  2007
  • Scoop
    In Woody Allen’s new contemporary comedy, a student journalist (Scarlett Johansson) for a college paper visiting friends in London happens upon the scoop of a lifetime. Along the investigative trail, she finds magic, murder, mys...
    Character: Joe Strombel
    United Kingdom  2006
  • We Are Marshall
    "We Are Marshall" tells an inspiring true story set in Huntington, West Virginia, a small town steeped in the rich tradition of college football. For decades, players, coaches, fans and families have come together to che...
    Character: Paul Griffen
    United States  2006
  • Nine Lives
    NINE LIVES is a moving exploration of the individual experiences of nine women as told through nine single unbroken takes. As characters from one story reappear in supporting roles in others, Rodrigo Garcia interweaves a grand tap...
    Character: Larry
    United States  2005
  • Deadwood (TV Series)
    TV Series (2004-2006). 3 seasons. 36 episodes. In an age of plunder and greed, the richest gold strike in American History draws a throng of restless misfits to an outlaw settlement where everything — and everyone — has a pric...
    Character:  Al Swearengen 36 episodes, 2004-2006
    United States  2004
  • Agent Cody Banks
    Cody Banks (Frankie Muniz) seems like a typical teenager - he loves skateboarding, hates math, his mom drives him crazy, and he feels like a complete idiot around girls. But Cody has a really big secret even his family and best fr...
    Character: Brinkman
    United States  2003
  • The Twilight Zone (TV Series)
    What began in 1959 with the great Rod Serling continues into the 21st century with a new host, Forest Whitaker, with completely new stories. Although there are minor similarities to older episodes of The Twilight Zone, these are s...
    Character:  Chandler 1 episode, 2003
    United States  2002
  • Thieves (TV Series)
    Johnny and his girlfriend Rita, two young and professional career criminals, make a deal with the FBI to work undercover for them to nail several other career thieves in exchange for Johnny and Rita not doing any prison time for t
    United States  2001
  • Sexy Beast
    Ex-villain Gal Dove (Ray Winstone) has served his time behind bars and is blissfully retired to a Spanish villa paradise with a wife he adores. The sun drenched idyll is shattered by the arrival of his psychotic, gangster nemesis ...
    Character: Teddy Bass
    United Kingdom  2000
  • The Naked Truth (TV Series)
    TV Series (1995-1998). THE NAKED TRUTH, starring Téa Leoni in a role of Nora Wilde, tells the story of a famous photo-journalist that won a Pulitzer Prize. After losing her job because of her rich ex-husband, Nora accepts a new j...
    Character:  Leland Banks 2 episodes, 1997
    United States  1995
  • Chillers (TV Series)
    Based on Patricia Highsmith short stories. Displaying a sinister atmosphere, delving into the darkest depths of human nature. Episode 1: The Cat Brought It In Episode 2: Sauce for the Goose Episode 3: Old Folks at Home Episode 4:...
    Character:  Steven Castle 1 episode, 1990
    France  1990
  • Columbo: Rest in Peace, Mrs. Columbo (TV)
    A woman who blames Lt. Columbo for the loss of her husband sets out to get back at him. But before she goes after him, she first goes after the man who informed on her husband and by showing the Lt. how it feels to lose a love one...
    Character: Leland St. John
    United States  1990
  • The Murders in the Rue Morgue (TV)
    Edgar Allan Poe's classic 1841 detective story Murders in the Rue Morgue was adapted for television by David Epstein. Two women--a mother and a daughter--are brutally killed in their tiny Paris apartment. There are no eyewitnesses...
    United States  1986
  • Too Scared to Scream
    A killer is brutually attacking several tenants that live in a high rise apartment building in New York City.
    United States  1985
  • Miami Vice (TV Series)
    TV Series (1984-1990). 5 Seasons. 111 Episodes. Miami Vice was one of the most innovative and powerful TV series of all time, focusing on the Miami Metro-Dade police "Vice" department and it`s continued battle against th...
    Character:  Esteban Montoya / ... 2 episodes, 1987-1989
    United States  1984
  • Marco Polo (TV Miniseries)
    The life and experiences of the 13th-century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade.
    Character:  Ali Ben Yussouf 2 episodes, 1982
    Italy  1982
  • The Fifth Musketeer
    King Louis XIV has without his knowledge a twin brother, Philippe, but when he is told, he immediately locks him up in the Bastille. The king wants to increase his popularity and stages an assassination against himself where Phili...
    Austria  1979
  • Disraeli (TV)
    Ian McShane stars as Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in this Emmy-nominated period biopic. His career marred in scandal, Disraeli rose from humble beginnings to become the 19th Century's most scandalous prime minister. Despite ha...
    United Kingdom  1978
  • Jesus of Nazareth (TV)
    Originally made for TV in 1977, this in-depth (six hours plus) version of Jesus' life is so thorough that the first hour is devoted solely to the story of his birth. The film doesn't skimp on some of the other landmark events of t...
    Character:  Judas / ... 4 episodes, 1977
    United Kingdom  1977
  • The Last of Sheila
    Sheila is killed in a hit-and-run car accident following a party one night. A year later her multi-millionaire husband, Clinton, invites a group of her friends to spend a week on a his yacht. He's a notorious practical joker and i...
    United States  1973
  • The Devil's Widow
    Based on the ancient Scottish ballad "Tam Lin" (one of it's many titles), the plot concerns an aging, beautiful woman who uses her wealth (and occasionally, witchcraft) to control a decadent pack of attractive young peop...
    Character: Tom Lynn
    United Kingdom  1970
  • Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You
    An American playwright living in Rome consults a quack psychiatrist to combat his fears of balding and save his failing marriage.
    United States  1970
  • Battle of Britain
    There's something about this film that's so irresistible, despite its grandiose manipulation. Maybe because it recounts the greatest air battle in history, achieving the greatest aerial battle in film history. Maybe because it has...
    Character: Sgt. Pilot Andy
    United Kingdom  1969
  • If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
    A group of travelers from the United States race through seven countries in 18 days. Included in the group are Samantha Perkins, a lovely young miss who finds time for some romance with handsome Britisher Charlie Cartwright; Jenny...
    United States  1969
  • The Wild and the Willing
    Harry Brown (Ian McShane in his introductory film role) is a somewhat rough student (the wild) at Kilminster University, who has the ability to win friends, especially the underdogs like Phil (John Hurt) who doesn't play 'rugger' ...
    Character: Harry Brown
    United Kingdom  1962

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