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 - Best Director NOMINATED
Basil da Cunha . He has nominated for an Sophia Awards. He's known for O fim do Mundo (2019), Next Door (S) (2009) and Os vivos tambem choram (2012).

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  • O fim do Mundo
    Spira, 18, spent the last eight years in remand school and returns to Reboleira, a slum in Lisbon. His friends Giovani and Chandi are still there, as are the locals, deals and parties. But some people, like the gang boss Kikas, ar...
    Director of the film
    Switzerland  2019
  • Next Door (S)
    Serguei is a 50 year old railway worker, seemingly cheerful and sociable. But within the intimacy of his gloomy apartment, he lives a terrible loneliness that he tries to make up for by watching funny shows on television. When it ...
    Director of the film
    Switzerland  2009