Maggie Gyllenhaal

Profession: Actress
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Real name: Margaret Ruth Gyllenhaal
Birthdate: December 16, 1977
Age: 44 years
Country: United States United States
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Stature: 1,75 m (5 ft 9 in)​
Fortune: $25 Million


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Maggie Gyllenhaal Nominations & Awards

Academy Awards

 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED

Golden Globes Awards

 - Best Actress in a Mini-series or Motion Picture Made for TV WINNER
 - Best Director NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress in a TV Series - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress - Comedy or Musical NOMINATED

Critics Choice Award

 - Best Leading Actress in a TV Series - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

 - Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries NOMINATED


 - Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie NOMINATED

Independent Spirit

 - Best Director WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED


 - Best New Director WINNER
 - Most Outstanding Newcomer to Film WINNER

Chicago Film Critics Association

 - Most Outstanding Newcomer to Film WINNER
 - Best New Director NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Most Outstanding Newcomer to Film NOMINATED
 - Most Outstanding Newcomer to Film NOMINATED

Boston Society of Film Critics

 - Best New Director WINNER
 - Best Leading Actress WINNER
Margaret Ruth Gyllenhaal is an American Actress. She has won an Golden Globes Awards, an Independent Spirit Awards and two Gotham Awards. She's known for The Dark Knight (2008), Monster House (2006) and Adaptation (2002).

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  • The Lost Daughter
    Alone on a seaside vacation, Leda becomes consumed with a young mother and daughter as she watches them on the beach. Unnerved by their compelling relationship, (and their raucous and menacing extended family), Leda is overwhelmed...
    Director of the film
    United States  2021
  • Best Summer Ever
    Sage (Shannon DeVido) and Anthony (Rickey Alexander Wilson) have had the “Best Summer Ever” after falling in love at a dance camp in Vermont. Not expecting to see each other again until the following summer, Sage, by a twist o...
    United States  2020
  • Joker: Put on A Happy Face
    Featuring interviews with filmmakers and industry legends, discover the origins and evolution of The Joker, and learn why The Clown Prince of Crime is universally hailed as the greatest comic-book supervillain of all time.
    Character: Self
    United States  2020
  • Homemade (TV Series)
    Confined at home as a consequence of the COVID-19 outbreak, filmmakers created personal, moving stories that capture our shared experience of life in quarantine.
    Director of the film
    Italy  2020
  • The Kindergarten Teacher
    Lisa Spinelli is a Staten Island teacher who is unusually devoted to her students. When she discovers one of her five-year-olds is a prodigy, she becomes fascinated with the boy, ultimately risking her family and freedom to nurtur...
    Character: Lisa Spinelli
    United States  2018
  • The Deuce - Pilot episode (TV)
    It tells the story of Vincent and Frankie, two twins who make their way through the rise of the porn industry in New York’s Times Square in the early 1970s.
    United States  2017
  • The Deuce (TV Series)
    'The Deuce' follows the story of the legalization and subsequent rise of the porn industry in New York’s Times Square from the early 1970s through the mid-1980s, exploring the rough-and-tumble world that existed there until the ...
    Character:  Eileen 'Candy' Merrell 25 episodes, 2017-2019
    United States  2017
  • Frank
    A comedy about a young wannabe musician, Jon (Domhnall Gleeson), who discovers he's bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop band led by the mysterious and enigmatic Frank (Michael Fassbender).
    Character: Clara
    United Kingdom  2014
  • River of Fundament
    In 2007, Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler began a new collaborative project inspired by American author Norman Mailer's 1983 novel Ancient Evenings, set in pharaonic Egypt. The project was conceived as a nontraditional opera wit...
    Character: Hathfertiti
    United States  2014
  • The Honourable Woman (TV Miniseries)
    Centers on Nessa Stein, a woman who inherits her father's arms business and finds herself in a international maelstrom when as she continues to promote the reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians.
    Character:  Nessa Stein 8 episodes, 2014
    United Kingdom  2014
  • White House Down
    Capitol Policeman John Cale (Channing Tatum) has just been denied his dream job with the Secret Service of protecting US President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx). Not wanting to let down his little girl with the news, he takes her on a...
    Character: Finnerty
    United States  2013
  • Won't Back Down
    Two determined mothers­, one a teacher, look to transform their children's failing inner city school. Facing a powerful and entrenched bureaucracy, they risk everything to make a difference in the education and future of their ch
    Character: Jamie Fitzpatrick
    United States  2012
  • Hysteria
    In Victorian London, Dr. Mortimer Granville, a young doctor struggles to establish himself. He is hired by a doctor to investigate treatments for women diagnosed with female hysteria using 'pelvic massage'. The doctor's two daught...
    Character: Charlotte Dalrymple
    United Kingdom  2011
  • Nanny McPhee Returns
    In wartime Britain, Nanny McPhee (Emma Thompson) appears at the door of a harried young mother, Mrs. Isabel Green (Maggie Gyllenhaal), who is trying to run the family farm while her husband is away at war. But once she's arrived, ...
    Character: Isabel Green
    United Kingdom  2010
  • Away We Go
    A couple who is expecting their first child travel around the U.S. in order to find a perfect place to start their family. Longtime couple Burt (John Krasinski) and Verona (Maya Rudolph) are going to have a baby. The pregnancy pro...
    Character: LN
    United States  2009
  • Crazy Heart
    Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges) is a broken-down, hard-living country music singer who's had way too many marriages, far too many years on the road and one too many drinks way too many times. And yet, Bad can’t help but reach for salva...
    Character: Jean Craddock
    United States  2009
  • Batman Unmasked (TV)
    Delve into the world of Batman and the vigilante justice that he brought to the city of Gotham. Batman is a man who, after experiencing great tragedy, devotes his life to an ideal - but what happens when one man takes on the evil ...
    United States  2008
  • The Dark Knight
    Batman/Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) raises the stakes in his war on crime. With the help of Lieutenant Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Batman sets out to dismantle the remaining criminal...
    Character: Rachel Dawes
    United States  2008
  • Stranger Than Fiction
    A comedy about a novelist who is is struggling to complete her latest--and potentially finest--book. There's only one problem: she only has to find a way to kill off her main character, Harold Crick, and she’ll be done. Little d...
    Character: Ana Pascal
    United States  2006
  • Paris, je t'aime
    In Paris, love is everywhere: in its bars and cafés, under the Eiffel Tower, and even in the Metro running beneath its streets. In Paris, je t'aime, prepare to see the city in a way you've never imagined. It's Paris as seen throu...
    Character: Liz (segment "Quartier des Enfants Rouges")
    France  2006
  • World Trade Center
    September 11, 2001 was an unusually warm day in New York. Will Jimeno, an officer with the Port Authority Police Department, was tempted to take a personal day to enjoy his hobby of bow hunting, but ultimately decided that he woul...
    Character: Allison Jimeno
    United States  2006
  • Sherrybaby
    Three years after entering prison for robbery as a 19-year-old heroin addict, Sherry Swanson (Maggie Gyllenhaal) begins her first day of freedom, clean and sober. A model prisoner who has undergone personal transformation, she imm...
    United States  2006
  • Monster House
    Three teens discover that their neighbor's house is really a living, breathing, scary monster.
    Character: voz Zee
    United States  2006
  • The Great New Wonderful
    ”The Great New Wonderful” is populated by people you know: New Yorkers you see on the elevator, in the supermarket, at the gym. Without a trace of sentimentality, director Danny Leiner, a Brooklynnative, and his extraordinary ...
    Character: Emme Keeler
    United States  2005
  • Trust The Man
    A smart, sophisticated comedy about the challenges of love and marriage among modern day New Yorkers, TRUST THE MAN features the romantic escapades of two couples: a successful actress (Julianne Moore) and her stay at home husband...
    Character: Elaine
    United States  2005
  • Happy Endings
    An ensemble cast telling 3 stories with intertwining 10 characters. One story is about a father and son who are dating the same woman. Another features a woman who long ago gave her baby up for adoption but is now being blackmaile...
    Character: Jude
    United States  2005
  • Strip Search (TV)
    The film is built around two main parallel stories, each containing almost identical dialogues. One story line involves Linda Sykes, an American woman detained in the People's Republic of China, being interrogated by a military of...
    Character: Linda Sykes
    United States  2004
  • Criminal
    When professional con man Richard Gaddis (Reilly) meets wannabe huckster Rodrigo (Luna) in a casino, he decides to take him on as an apprentice. But who’s conning whom? This is an English-language version of the Argentine hit...
    Character: Valerie
    United States  2004
  • Mona Lisa Smile
    In 1953, a time when women’s roles were rigidly defined, novice art history professor Katherine Watson (Julia Roberts) begins teaching at the prestigious all-female Wellesley College, which despite its academic reputation is an ...
    Character: Giselle Levy
    United States  2003
  • Casa de los Babys
    In Casa de los Babys, filmmaker John Sayles turns his attention to an unspecified Latin country where a group of American women wait to adopt a child. From vastly different backgrounds, each has come for her own reasons, and each ...
    Character: Jennifer
    United States  2003
  • 40 Days and 40 Nights
    After being brutally dumped by his knockout ex-girlfriend, Matt (Josh Hartnett) is so torn up inside that he vows to give up sexual activity--including masturbation--for Lent. His friends and coworkers start betting on how soon he...
    Character: Sam
    United States  2002
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
    Television made him famous, but his biggest hits happened off screen. This is the story of the double life of legendary showman Chuck Barris -- television producer by day, CIA assassin by night.
    Character: Debbie
    United States  2002
  • Secretary
    A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.
    Character: Lee Holloway
    United States  2002
  • Adaptation
    Despite the success of his first produced script, for which he received an Academy Award® nomination for best original screenplay, Charlie Kaufman (Cage) is plagued by insecurities, both in his career and his personal life. When ...
    Character: Caroline Cunningham
    United States  2002
  • Riding in Cars with Boys
    This film is based on the memoir of Beverly Donofrio, which spans a 20-year period from ages 15 to 35. Bev (Barrymore) has big plans of moving to New York to become a writer. But this teen from a middle-class family, who is sassy,...
    Character: Amelia
    United States  2001
  • Donnie Darko
    Writer-director Richard Kelly's bold debut film is a social satire, a dark comedy, a science fiction time-traveling fantasy, and a suburban nightmare about an extremely intelligent, depressive, self-destructive, narcoleptic, gun-t...
    Character: Elizabeth Darko
    United States  2001
  • Cecil B. DeMented
    An insane independent film director and his renegade group of teenage filmmakers kidnap an A-list Hollywood actress and force her to star in their underground film.
    Character: Raven
    United States  2000
  • The Patron Saint of Liars (TV)
    A woman runs away from her husband when she discovers she is pregnant, going to a Catholic school for girls, where she meets and marries another man, who raises the child as his own. Meanwhile, the first husband spends 15 years se...
    United States  1998
  • Homegrown
    Life is good for Jack, Carter and Harlan, three inept ner’do’wells who help run master dope grower Malcoms flourishing marijuana plantation somewhere in Northern California. Malcom is murdered and the three decide to take on t...
    Character: Christina the Babysitter
    United States  1998
  • A Dangerous Woman
    A simple but guileless woman is found to be socially unacceptable for her naive habit of always telling the truth. She loses her job, is jilted and finally becomes involved in a dangerous love triangle with the only friend she tru...
    Character: Patsy
    United States  1994