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Matías Piñeiro Nominations & Awards

Mar del Plata Film Festival

 - Best Director - Silver Astor WINNER
Matías Piñeiro . He has won an Mar del Plata International Film Festival. He's known for Hermia & Helena (2016), They All Lie (2009) and El hombre robado (2007).

All Movies of Matías Piñeiro

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  • Sycorax (S)
    Who is Sycorax? The first of all characters in William Shakespeare´s "The Tempest" to set foot on the island of the play. The problem is that Sycorax has no voice. She is barely mentioned by Prospero as a crooked, old,...
    Director of the film
    Spain  2021
  • Isabella
    Mariel wants to play Isabella in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure". Luciana, who is also an actress, helps her rehearse the part. But during the audition, Mariel realizes that Luciana is trying out for the same role.
    Director of the film
    Argentina  2020
  • Hermia & Helena
    Camila, a young stage director, travels from Buenos Aires to New York on an artistic grant, to work on her new project: translating William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream to Spanish. Soon after her arrival though, Camil...
    Director of the film
    Argentina  2016
  • The Princess of France
    A year after his father’s death, Victor returns to Buenos Aires in order to reconquer the life he was forced to abandon. He brings a new project with him for his former theater company: a radio-play of Shakespeare’s Love’s L...
    Director of the film
    Argentina  2014
  • They All Lie
    A group of girls and boys in their twenties settle in a country house that seems completely isolated from civilization. One of them writes a novel while the others try to become a gang and prepare a robbery; some fall in love, or ...
    Director of the film
    Argentina  2009