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 - Best Leading Actor WINNER
João Nunes Monteiro . He has won an Sophia Awards. He's known for Mosquito (2020), Soldado Milhões (TV Miniseries) (2018) and Punkada (2022).

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  • Punkada
    In 1983, three delinquents live in an abandoned carriage. Together they form a punk-rock band - Biqueira d'Aço. Psychologically unbalanced and with emotions running high, they lead the band to ruin, destroying everything they had
    Character: Xico
    Portugal  2022
  • Mosquito
    Dreaming of big adventures and of defending his homeland, a young Portuguese enlists in the army during World War I and is sent to war in Africa. Left behind by his platoon, he starts a solitary journey through the mystical Macua ...
    Character: Zacarias
    Portugal  2020