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Walter Brennan Nominations & Awards

Academy Awards

 - Best Supporting Actor WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actor NOMINATED
Walter Brennan . He has won three Academy Awards. He's known for How the West Was Won (1962), Sergeant York (1941) and Tammy and the Bachelor (1957).

All Movies of Walter Brennan

  • The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again (TV)
    In this sequel to the Over-The-Hill Gang (1969), the old-time former Texas Rangers and comrades-in-arms join forces this time around to clean up their own hometown. The group decides to sober up an old Ranger buddy, a down-and-out...
    United States  1970
  • Support Your Local Sheriff!
    McCullough is "passing through on my way to Australia" when he takes a job in a gold rush town. After a startling display of marksmanship he immediately arrests the youngest son of the evil landowner (Danby). A battle of...
    United States  1968
  • The Guns of Will Sonnett (TV Series)
    Ex-cavalry scout and gunfighter Will Sonnett and his grandson, Jeff, search the West for Will's son -and Jeff's father- Jim Sonnett, a former lawman and gunslinger, who has avoided seeing his son in order to keep him away from the...
    United States  1967
  • Who's Minding the Mint?
    Harry Lucas works at the US mint. One night he accidentally destroys $50,000. Things look pretty bleak for Harry until he hits upon the idea of breaking into the mint and printing off some replacement cash, however, he gets more t...
    United States  1967
  • The Oscar
    Frankie Fane has clawed his way to the top of the Hollywood heap. Now, as he's preparing to win his Oscar, his friend Hymie Kelly reminisces over their life together, and Frankie's ruthless struggle to the top and the people he's ...
    Character: Orrin C. Quentin
    United States  1966
  • Those Calloways
    Story of Cam Calloway and his family, who live in a densely wooded area in New England. Cam dreams of building a sanctuary for the geese that fly over the area each year, and he tries several schemes to buy a nearby lake for this ...
    United States  1965
  • How the West Was Won
    The fifty years of American westward expansion between the 1830s and 1880s are viewed through the experiences of the Prescott and Rawlings families, as they migrate by the Erie Canal, continue over the prairies from St. Louis duri...
    Character: Col. Jeb Hawkins
    United States  1962
  • Rio Bravo
    John Wayne stars as the sheriff of a small western town who arrests a murderer and then must contend with the aggressive efforts of the killer's brother to free him before the state marshall arrives. Surrounding the town, the vill...
    United States  1959
  • The Way to the Gold
    Joe Mundy is being released from prison and an old convict, whom he has befriended, tells him the location of a stolen cache of gold. Leaving the prison, Joe is followed to Glendale, Arizona by Little Brother Williams. There Joe m...
    United States  1957
  • Tammy and the Bachelor
    When Pete's plane crashes in the swamp, he's rescued by young Tammy, an unsophisticated backwoods girl who lives with her lay-preacher-cum-moonshiner grandfather. When Pete's well, he goes back home to his fiancée. But then Gramp...
    Character: Grandpa
    United States  1957
  • Good-bye, My Lady
    An old man and a young boy who live in the Georgia swamps are brought together by the love of a dog.
    Character: Uncle Jesse Jackson
    United States  1956
  • Bad Day at Black Rock
    One of the first Hollywood films to deal openly with white racism toward Japanese Americans during World War II, this drama directed by 1950s action maestro John Sturges (The Great Escape) stars Spencer Tracy as a one-armed strang...
    Character: Doc Velie
    United States  1955
  • Surrender
    Violet Barton, a femme-fatale goal-setter, fascinates men and readily returns their affection to obtain the wealth she desires, even to the point of bigamy. She has an affair with gambler Gregg Delaney but marries his best friend,...
    United States  1950
  • A Ticket to Tomahawk
    In 1876 Dawson wants to prevent a train from getting to Tomahawk CO on time, to keep it from competing with his stage coach line. Kit, who must get the train to its goal, forces Johnny aboard as the needed passenger. Madame Adelai...
    Character: Terence Sweeny
    United States  1950
  • Curtain Call at Cactus Creek
    An itinerant troupe of show-biz folks arrives in Cactus Creek. This band of traveling players consists of a hammy Shakespearean actor named Tracy Holland; Lily Martin,an ex-hoofer, and the young ingénue, Julie Martin. Edward Timm...
    United States  1950
  • Singing Guns
    Rhiannon, an outlaw who regularly robs gold from the stagecoach, shoots the new sheriff and then carries him to the doctor. The doctor cleans up Rhiannon and presents him to the sheriff as the man who saved his life. Rhiannon is d...
    Character: Dr. Jonathan Mark
    United States  1950
  • Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
    Light-hearted, old-style romance about a farm-hand who arranges to buy a pair of mules from his employer. No one is able to handle the mules and he must train them. Adding to his dilemma, he pursues his boss's daughter who gets he...
    Character: Tony Maule
    United States  1948
  • Red River
    Tom Dunson (John Wayne) builds a cattle empire with his adopted son Matthew Garth (Montgomery Clift). Together they begin a massive cattle drive north from Texas to the Missouri railhead. But on the way, new information and Dunson...
    Character: Nadine Groot
    United States  1948
  • My Darling Clementine
    Wyatt Earp (Henry Fonda), after cleaning up Dodge City, arrives in the outskirts of Tombstone with his brothers Morgan (Ward Bond), Virgil (Tim Holt), and James (Don Garner), planning to sell their cattle and settle down as gentle...
    United States  1946
  • A Stolen Life
    Kate Bosworth and her twin sister Patricia fall in love with Martha's Vineyard lighthouse inspector Bill Emerson. Patricia and Bill are married. To forget, Kate returns to painting. Bill goes to Chile; Kate and Patricia go sailing...
    Character: Eben Folger
    United States  1946
  • Centennial Summer
    In 1876 Philadelphia, two sisters (Jeanne Crain and Linda Darnell) vie for the affections of a Frenchman (Cornel Wilde) who's come to town to prepare the French pavilion for the Centennial exposition.
    Character: Jesse Rogers
    United States  1946
  • Dakota
    Dakota is a 1945 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane and starring John Wayne and Walter Brennan. The supporting cast features Ward Bond and Mike Mazurki.
    United States  1945
  • The Princess and the Pirate
    Princess Margaret is travelling incognito to elope with her true love instead of marrying the man her father has betrothed her to. On the high seas, her ship is attacked by pirates who know her identity and plan to kidnap her and ...
    Character: Featherhead
    United States  1944
  • Home in Indiana
    A lad with a penchant for trouble is sent to live with his aunt and uncle in Indiana. Though he's not happy about the arrangement at first, his love of horses and his affection for a young filly that he plans to race make life bea...
    United States  1944
  • Hangmen Also Die!
    An apocryphal version of the assassination of the Nazi leader and Czech "protector" Reinhard Heydrich by a resistance fighter in World War II. The story follows the assassin as he evades the widening Nazi dragnet, protec...
    Character: Prof. Stephen Novotny
    United States  1943
  • The North Star
    Russian efforts to bravely hold off the invading Nazi army during World War II are graphically portrayed as Russians survive the brutalities. During the Cold War, this film was altered to de-emphasize the good Russians and re-titl...
    Character: Karp
    United States  1943
  • The Pride of the Yankees
    Gary Cooper plays Lou Gehrig, the first baseman for the Yanks who suffered from a crippling and incurable disease. Even when Gehrig was a student at Columbia University, the press had already pegged him as a top ballplayer. Soon t...
    United States  1942
  • Stand by for Action
    Rear Admiral Stephen Thomas' (Charles Laughton) spoken tribute to "the finest Naval officer I knew" provides the framework for the wartime flag-waver Stand By For Action. Robert Taylor stars as Gregg Masterman, a flippan...
    United States  1942
  • This Woman Is Mine
    One would never know it from the title, but This Woman is Mine is a virile seafaring yarn dealing with the northern fur trade. Based on a sprawling novel by Gilbert W. Gabriel, the film takes place during a trading expedition from...
    United States  1941
  • Sergeant York
    True story of the farm boy who made the transition from religious pacifist to World War I hero. The Valley of the 3 Forks of the Wolf, located in the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee, is the home of the Yorks, a family of poor mo...
    United States  1941
  • Rise and Shine
    Stupid football player is kidnapped by gangsters. Lunatics abound: former footballer now dancer, professor interested in magic, gangster who makes horse noises when excited.
    United States  1941
  • Meet John Doe
    Gary Cooper stars as a nobody hired by a newspaper as part of a stunt to play a man that says he will commit suicide Christmas Eve because he's tired of how people have forgotten each other. Barbara Stanwyck stars as the reporter ...
    United States  1941
  • Northwest Passage (Book I - Rogers' Rangers)
    Based on the Kenneth Roberts novel of the same name, this film tells the story of two friends who join Rogers' Rangers, as the legendary elite force engages the enemy during the French and Indian War. The film focuses on their fam...
    United States  1940
  • The Westerner
    "Cole Harden just doesn't look like a horse thief", Jane-Ellen Matthews tells Judge Roy Bean as she steps up to the bar. Cole says he can't take it with him as he empties all of his coins on the bar to buy drinks for the...
    United States  1940
  • They Shall Have Music
    Young Frankie (Gene Reynolds), a victim of a squalid life in the slums, fancies himself a tough guy until hearing a performance by violinist Jascha Heifetz (as himself). Inspired by the maestro, Frankie returns to his violin, an i...
    United States  1939
  • The Buccaneer
    During the War of 1812 against Britain: General Andrew Jackson has only 1,200 men left to defend New Orleans when he learns that a British fleet will arrive with 60 ships and 16,000 men to take the city. In this situation an islan...
    United States  1938
  • Fury
    This is the story of an innocent man (Spencer Tracy) who escapes a lynch mob and then orchestrates his apparent murder at their hands to get revenge.
    United States  1936
  • Metropolitan
    Opera prima donna leaves the Metropolitan to form her own company with Tibbett as leading man. She leaves this company too which means Tibbett and company must carry on without her.
    United States  1935
  • Biography of a Bachelor Girl
    Everyweek Newsmagazine editor Richard Kurt pursues psuedo-portait artist Marion Forsythe on her arrival from Europe after painting (and possibly being involved with) notables all over the continent. He convinces her to write her b...
    United States  1935
  • The Wedding Night
    Because his finances are low and he is seeking background for a new book, author Tony Barratt and his wife Dora return to his country home in Conneecticut. While he is finding a theme for his book on the lives and customs of the l...
    United States  1935
  • Murder in the Private Car
    Ruth Raymond works on the switchboard and her boyfriend is John Blake. It has taken 14 years, but a detective named Murray has found her and confirmed that she is Ruth Carson. As a child, she was kidnaped by her uncle and is the d...
    United States  1934
  • The Life of Vergie Winters
    John Shadwell, a promising politician, is married to Laura but is in love with Vergie Winters, a milliner from his home town. As Shadwell's political career blooms, gossip and rumors begin to cause Vergie to be shunned by the wome...
    United States  1934
  • Riptide
    Park Avenue socialite Mary (Norma Shearer) and staid English nobleman, Lord Phillip Rexford (Herbert Marshall) are married as a lark, but she is very happy for several years with her husband and child. But on a trip to the Riviera...
    United States  1934
  • The Invisible Man
    With THE INVISIBLE MAN (the first film in a series), James Whale (FRANKENSTEIN) provides another stylish, blackly comic entry in the popular Universal horror cycle of the 1930s. When a mysterious man, face wrapped in bandages and ...
    United States  1933
  • King of Jazz
    King of Jazz is a 1930 motion picture starring Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra. The film's title was taken from Whiteman's controversial, self-conferred appellation. Although using the word to describe Whiteman's music seems absur...
    Character: Desk Sergeant ('Springtime') / Soldier ('All Noisy on the Eastern Front') / Waiter ('Oh! Forevermore!') / Front End of Horse / Quartet Member ('
    United States  1930