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Dira Paes Nominations & Awards

Cinema Brazil Grand Prize

 - Best Leading Actress WINNER
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress NOMINATED
Dira Paes . He has won an Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. He's known for Lino: O Filme (2017), Divine Love (2019) and Ó Paí Ó (2007).

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  • Divine Love
    In the Brazil of 2027, where raves celebrate God’s love and drive-through spiritual-advice booths have become the norm, Joana holds her faith and relationship with God in the highest regard. She uses her job as a notary to caref...
    Character: Joana
    Brazil  2019
  • Lino: O Filme
    Lino works as an entertainer at children's parties, but he can't stand the way children treat him, making fun of him because he works in a cat's costume. Determined to change his life, he visits a wizard, but the magic doesn't wor...
    Brazil  2017
  • Redemoinho
    Two childhood friends are reunited on Christmas Eve, bringing to the fore a shared trauma.
    Character: Toninha
    Brazil  2016
  • Os Amigos
    Téo (Marco Ricca) is a lonely architect who goes through a difficult phase in life, because of the death of his best friend in childhood. Her best friend nowadays is Majú (Dira Paes), the mother of two children who are trying to...
    Character: Majú
    Brazil  2013
  • Did You... Score?
    Recently separated, Fernando (Bruno Mazzeo) cannot accept the failure of his marriage to Vitória (Tainá Muller), while his friend Honório (Marcos Palmeira), a macho journalist married to Leila (Dira Paes), continues to suspect ...
    Character: Leila
    Brazil  2012
  • Along the Way
    To escape past traumas, a truck driver John decides to leave his hometown behind and travel cross the country. Alone and lonely he drives all over Brazil until John discovers hiding in his truck a motherless boy looking for his fa...
    Character: Rosa
    Brazil  2012
  • Southwest
    In a secluded Brazilian coastal village, where everything seems to stand still, Clarisse watches her life over the course of a day, unlike those around her who live that day just like any other. She tries to understand her obscure...
    Brazil  2012
  • The Dead Girl's Feast
    The concept of fabricating faith and attempting to find solace in the face of the ultimate mystery are the central themes of this film concerning a man exalted to sainthood after performing a miracle on his deceased mother, who ha...
    Character: Diana
    Brazil  2008
  • Ó Paí Ó
    During the Carnival in the historical site of Pelourinho (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil), we follow the lives of the tenants of a falling-to-pieces tenement house who try to get by using creativity, irony, humor and music.
    Brazil  2007
  • Mulheres do Brasil
    The film tells the story of five women from five different regions of Brazil: Esmeralda, Laura, Ana, Telma and Martileide.
    Character: Julia
    Brazil  2006
  • Bog of Beasts
    A man falls in love with a teenage girl, who is exploited by her own grandfather, who sometimes takes her to a gas station to show her naked to whomever pays him some money.
    Brazil  2006
  • Two Sons of Francisco
    Brazil's biggest box-office hit in 2005, 2 Filhos de Francisco tells the rags-to-riches story of two poor rural boys who grew up to become one of Brazil’s biggest sertanejo (the national "country" music) singers, Zeze ...
    Brazil  2005
  • The Emerald Forest
    An American dam engineer in Brazil, his son is kidnapped by a rain forest tribe, and raised as one of their own. Boothe continues to look for him and after many trials and adventures, stumbles upon him.
    Character: Kachiri
    United Kingdom  1985