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 - Best Upcoming Actor NOMINATED
Vicente Vergara . He has nominated for an Goya Awards. He's known for Everybody Knows (2018), The Endless Trench (2019) and Veneno (TV Miniseries) (2020).

All Movies of Vicente Vergara

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  • Backpackers
    Salvador Campodónico is a successful Spanish businessman whose family owns the largest hotel corporation in all of Spain. For the construction of their first international project they choose to land in front of a world wonder: C...
    Spain  2022
  • Feria: The Darkest Light (TV Series)
    Feria, Andalusia, mid-1990s. Two sisters, Eva and Sofía, discover that their missing parents are actually two monsters who, before disappearing, committed a horrendous crime that costed the lives of 23 victims. The two sisters ha...
    Character:  Lozano 1 episode, 2022
    Spain  2022
  • La fortuna (TV Miniseries)
    6 Episodes. Álex Ventura, a young and inexperienced diplomat, becomes the leader of a mission that will test his convictions: to recover the underwater treasure stolen by Frank Wild, a fortune hunter who travels the world looting...
    Spain  2021
  • La casa del caracol
    Follows writer Antonio who secludes himself in the mountains and falls in lust with local Berta. After realizing the oddities of the rural community the author starts to question the lines between reality and fiction.
    Spain  2021
  • Veneno (TV Miniseries)
    TV Mini-series (2020). 8 Episodes. A biographical story of La Veneno, transgender icon and TV personality, and those who surrounded her.
    Character:  Luis 1 episode, 2020
    Spain  2020
  • The Endless Trench
    Higinio and Rosa have only been married for a few months when the Civil War breaks out, representing a serious threat to his life. Helped by his wife, they decide to use a hole dug into their own home as a provisional hiding place...
    Character: Gonzalo
    Spain  2019
  • Everybody Knows
    “Everybody Knows” follows the journey of Laura as she travels with her family from Buenos Aires to her hometown in Spain for a celebration. Meant to be a brief family visit, the trip is disturbed by unforeseen events that will...
    Spain  2018
  • The Plague (TV Series)
    During an outbreak of the bubonic plague in the magnificent Seville of 1587, Mateo, a former soldier, returns, honouring his word to find and rescue a dead friend’s son from the city. Previously, Mateo had been forced to flee th...
    Spain  2017