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Bob Hope Nominations & Awards

Academy Awards

 - Academy Honorary Award WINNER
 - Academy Honorary Award WINNER
 - Academy Honorary Award WINNER
 - Academy Honorary Award WINNER

Golden Globes Awards

 - Best Leading Actor - Comedy or Musical NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actor - Comedy or Musical NOMINATED
Bob Hope . He has won four Academy Awards. He's known for The Greatest Show on Earth (1952), The Muppet Movie (1979) and The Princess and the Pirate (1944).

All Movies of Bob Hope

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  • Price for Peace
    This powerful and thought provoking film chronicles the compelling events in the Pacific Theater of WWII, from the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 to the American occupation of Japan in 1945. It depicts the strength and courage of...
    United States  2002
  • The Muppet Movie
    Kermit the Frog is discovered playing banjo in the Florida swamps by a talent agent and told that he has promise. And so Kermit sets out for Hollywood to find fame and fortune. He is joined along the way by a bizarre menagerie of ...
    United States  1979
  • Donny and Marie (TV Series)
    TV Series (1975–1979). 4 Seasons. A variety show, featuring the brother-sister singing duo of Donny and Marie Osmond. The first season also featured all of the Osmond families, but Donny and Marie were obviously the most popular...
    United States  1975
  • I due Kennedy
    The story of the powerful Kennedy family.
    Character: Self (archive footage)
    Italy  1969
  • The Pruitts of Southampton (TV Series)
    TV Series (1966-1967). 1 season. 30 episodes. The Pruitt family is living in Long Island, who live like royalty in a huge mansion. Slight problem is that they are flat broke & live off the state...
    United States  1966
  • The Oscar
    Frankie Fane has clawed his way to the top of the Hollywood heap. Now, as he's preparing to win his Oscar, his friend Hymie Kelly reminisces over their life together, and Frankie's ruthless struggle to the top and the people he's ...
    Character: Bob Hope
    United States  1966
  • A Global Affair
    When an abandoned baby is left inside the United Nations building, an American UN representative must figure out which country would have the right to adopt it.
    Character: Frank Larrimore
    United States  1964
  • The Chrysler Theatre (TV Series)
    TV Series (1963-1967). 4 seasons. 107 episodes. An American anthology series hosted by Bob Hope. Both dramatic and comedy shows were presented, featuring many of Hollywood's top names.
    Character:  Self - Host / ... 29 episodes, 1963-1967
    United States  1963
  • Call Me Bwana
    A returning moon capsule with vital information goes off course and lands in Africa where the little-known Ekele tribesmen find it. Washington orders the great African Authority Matthew Merriwether (Bob Hope), an utter fraud and a...
    United Kingdom  1963
  • The Road to Hong Kong
    Mistaken identity and the acquisition of a rare Tibetan herb put two buffoonish con men on the wrong side of a secret organization geared toward world domination.
    Character: Chester Babcock
    United Kingdom  1962
  • Bachelor in Paradise
    Adam J. Niles is the author of a series of 'Bachelor Books'. These books describe the romantic life of a bachelor in various cities of the world. But when he runs into trouble with the I.R.S. for back taxes, he needs to write anot...
    Character: Adam J. Niles
    United States  1961
  • The Facts of Life
    Larry and Kitty are two middle-class suburbanites who find themselves growing bored with their lives and respective marriages. Although each always found the other grating in manner, they find themselves falling in love when throw...
    Character: Larry Gilbert
    United States  1960
  • Alias Jesse James
    The outlaw T.J. 'Jesse' James (Wendell Corey) tries to kill insurance agent Milford Farnsworth (Bob Hope) who has been mistaken for him in order to collect on a big policy.
    United States  1959
  • Paris Holiday
    American comedian Bob Hunter, on a luxury liner to France with French counterpart Fernandel, takes an interest in blonde diplomat Ann McCall while pursued by an even shapelier blonde, the mysterious Zara, who seems to be after som...
    United States  1958
  • Beau James
    The story of Jimmy Walker who became mayor of New York in the '20s. Used by professional politicians and money-grabbers, Walker himself was "stupid but clean", although his open affair with Betty Compton cost him dear.
    United States  1957
  • The Seven Little Foys
    Vaudeville entertainer Eddie Foy, who has vowed to forever keep his act a solo, falls in love with and marries Italian ballerina Madeleine. While they continue to tour the circuit, they begin a family and before long have seven li...
    Character: Eddie Foy
    United States  1955
  • Road to Bali
    Having to leave Melbourne in a hurry to avoid various marriage proposals, two song-and-dance men sign on for work as divers. This takes them to an idyllic island on the way to Bali where they vie with each other for the favours of...
    United States  1952
  • Off Limits
    Wally Hogan has things going his way. He is the manager-trainer of Bullet Bradley, a fighter who has just won the lightweight championship. Life suddenly takes a not-so-happy turn, however, when Bullet gets drafted. Hogan's gangst...
    United States  1952
  • Son of Paleface
    In this sequel to "The Paleface", Bob Hope and Jane Russell return as the lead characters. Hope plays Junior Potter, who returns to claim his father's gold, which is nowhere to be found. Throw in Russell as "Mike&qu...
    Character: Peter Potter Jr.
    United States  1952
  • The Greatest Show on Earth
    To ensure a full profitable season, circus manager Brad Braden engages The Great Sebastian, though this moves his girlfriend Holly from her hard-won center trapeze spot. Holly and Sebastian begin a dangerous one-upmanship duel in ...
    United States  1952
  • My Favorite Spy
    Peanuts White, a burlesque comic, is recruited by U.S. agents to impersonate international spy Eric Augustine (whom White resembles) in a mission to purchase a million-dollar microfilm in mysterious, exotic Tangier. There, he enco...
    Character: Peanuts White / Eric Augustine
    United States  1951
  • The Paleface
    Bob Hope -in his finest role as Painless Potter- plays a nervous dentist who becomes a gritty gunfighter when he marries Calamity Jane (Jane Russell), a trouble-shooting woman, as a cover for her secret activities as a governmente
    Character: 'Painless' Peter Potter
    United States  1948
  • Is Everybody Listening? (S)
    To answer the title question, eighty-two of every 100 Americans were in 1947, according to the C.E. Hooper survey (the forerunner of the Neilsens)...listening to network radio, that is. Performers, and their radio programs, such a...
    United States  1947
  • Road to Rio
    Scat Sweeney, and Hot Lips Barton, two out of work musicians, stow away on board a Rio bound ship, after accidentally setting fire to the big top of a circus. They then get mixed up with a potential suicide Lucia, who first thanks...
    Character: Hot Lips Barton
    United States  1947
  • My Favorite Brunette
    A private eye asks photographer Ronnie Jackson to keep an eye on his office while he's away. Ronnie agrees, but gets more than he bargained for when he meets beautiful client Carlotta Montay. Her uncle is missing, and while trying...
    United States  1947
  • Variety Girl
    Dozens of star and character-actor cameos and a message about the Variety Club (show-business charity) are woven into a framework about two hopeful young ladies who come to Hollywood, exchange identities, and cause comic confusion...
    United States  1947
  • Road to Utopia
    At the turn of the century, Duke and Chester, two vaudeville performers, go to Alaska to make their fortune. On the ship to Skagway, they find a map to a secret gold mine, which had been stolen by McGurk and Sperry, a couple of th...
    Character: Chester Hooton
    United States  1946
  • The Princess and the Pirate
    Princess Margaret is travelling incognito to elope with her true love instead of marrying the man her father has betrothed her to. On the high seas, her ship is attacked by pirates who know her identity and plan to kidnap her and ...
    Character: Sylvester
    United States  1944
  • Star Spangled Rhythm
    Pop Webster (Victor Moore) is a former silent movie star once known as "Bronco Billy" who now works as the guard on the main gate at Paramount Pictures. However, he's told his son Johnny (Eddie Bracken), who's in the Nav...
    Character: Bob Hope - Master of Ceremonies
    United States  1943
  • Road to Morocco
    Jeff and Turkey, two wild and crazy guys adrift on a raft in the Mediterranean, are cast away on a desert shore and hop a convenient camel to an Arabian Nights city where Turkey soon finds himself sold as a luscious Pri...
    United States  1942
  • Road to Zanzibar
    Chuck and his pal Fearless flee a South African carnival when their sideshow causes a fire. After several similar escapades, they've finally saved enough to return to the USA, when Chuck spends it all on a "lost" diamond...
    United States  1941
  • Louisiana Purchase
    Graft is rampant in the government of a "mythical" Louisiana, and the arrival of U.S. Senate investigator Loganberry brings panic. The chief miscreants shift the blame on to their innocent tool, Jim Taylor, who to save h...
    United States  1941
  • The Ghost Breakers
    In this film, radio personality Lawrence L. Lawrence flees New York to avoid being mistakenly arrested for murder. He books passage on a Cuba-bound liner, where he meets heiress Mary Carter. She about to take charge of a supposedl...
    United States  1940
  • Some Like It Hot
    Nicky Nelson is a fast-talking sideshow barker with a wax-and-alive concession on Atlantic City's boardwalk. Even with the band of his friend, struggling musician Gene Krupa, playing on the sidewalk to attract the customers, "...
    United States  1939
  • The Big Broadcast of 1938
    New ocean liner S.S. Gigantic is about to race its rival, the Colossal. Gigantic owner T.F. Bellows sends his brother S.B. on the Colossal, hoping he will cause trouble; delayed by a golf game, S.B. lands on Gigantic instead, and ...
    United States  1938
  • The Bob Hope Show
    The Bob Hope Show was an American television program, presented by the actor, comedian, writer and singer Bob Hope, from 1950 to 1985.
    United States