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Michael R. Roskam . He's known for Bullhead (2011), Racer and the Jailbird (2017) and The Drop (2014).

All Movies of Michael R. Roskam

  • Racer and the Jailbird
    It's love at first sight at a racing circuit when gangster Gino ("Gigi") (Matthias Schoenaerts) meets Benedicte ("Bibi") (Adele Exarchopoulos), a wealthy and fearless racing driver. Fierce and loyal, Gigi and B...
    Director of the film
    Belgium  2017
  • The Drop
    Follows lonely bartender Bob Saginowski through a covert scheme of funneling cash to local gangsters - "money drops" - in the underworld of Brooklyn bars. Under the heavy hand of his employer and cousin Marv, Bob finds h...
    Director of the film
    United States  2014
  • Bullhead
    The young Limburg cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille is approached by an unscrupulous veterinarian to make a shady deal with a notorious West-Flemish beef trader. But the assassination of a federal policeman, and an unexpected conf...
    Director of the film
    Belgium  2011