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Laís Bodanzky Nominations & Awards

Cinema Brazil Grand Prize

 - Best Director WINNER
 - Best Director NOMINATED
 - Best Director NOMINATED
Laís Bodanzky . He has won an Cinema Brazil Grand Prize. He's known for Just Like Our Parents (2017), Invisible World (2012) and The Best Things in the World (2010).

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  • Just Like Our Parents
    When Rosa's mother makes a surprising disclosure to her one day, she decides to break out of her usual obligations. In so doing she discovers that life holds many surprises in store for her.
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2017
  • Invisible World
    An anthology film following different stories around the theme of invisibility in the modern world.
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2012
  • The Best Things in the World
    n São Paulo, 15 year-old Hermano "Mano" and his 17 year-old sensitive brother Pedro are deeply affected by the destruction of their middle-class family when his father, Horácio, leaves their mother, Camila. Mano is sti...
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2010
  • The Ballroom
    In an old-time dance hall (the "gafieira") in São Paulo, one evening is all it takes to meet different characters as they remember the past, live the present, wonder about the future, have fun, flirt, fight and, natural
    Director of the film
    Brazil  2007