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Charlotte Vega . He's known for The Bookshop (2017), The Lodgers (2017) and Velvet (TV Series) (2013).

All Movies of Charlotte Vega

  • Love Beats
    Edu is a young musician who will have to temporarily abandon his monotonous life in dreary London to return to his hometown in Spain for his brother’s wedding. After years away, a sense of strangeness and nostalgia leave him fee...
    Spain  2019
  • The Lodgers
    1920, rural Ireland. Anglo Irish twins Rachel and Edward share a strange existence in their crumbling family estate. Each night, the property becomes the domain of a sinister presence (The Lodgers) which enforces three rules upon ...
    Ireland  2017
  • The Bookshop
    Set in a small town in 1959 England, it is the story of a woman who decides, against polite but ruthless local opposition, to open a bookshop, a decision which becomes a political minefield.
    Spain  2017
  • Velvet (TV Series)
    In Spain, in 1958, there is a place where everyone would like to go shopping at least once in a lifetime: "The Velvet Fashion Mall". Inside, we can find the most elegant, sophisticated and expensive suits of that time, b...
    Spain  2013