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Julieta Zylberberg . He's known for Wild Tales (2014), Las olas (2017) and The Marginal (TV Series) (2016).

All Movies of Julieta Zylberberg

  • Breathe
    Lucia is a single parent to a child with Asperger's. She has a minimum wage job and a very difficult relationship with her mother, but she thinks she can deal with everything on her own. On that day she receives an urgent call for...
    Argentina  2018
  • Las olas
    Exhausted after leaving work, Alfonso goes to the beach and dives into the sea. Coming to the surface, he finds himself on another beach, in another time. His parents are waiting for him, calling to him from the water's edge. Alfo...
    Uruguay  2017
  • Wild Tales
    Vulnerable before a reality that can suddenly be modified and become unpredictable, the characters of Wild Tales cross the thin line that divides civilization from brutality. A story about love deception, the return of the past, a...
    Character: Moza
    Argentina  2014
  • Marziano's
    Los Marziano reconstructs the opportunity for a reunion of two brothers after a long period of separation. It is a story that with deep intelligence and a comedic sensibility deals with the universe of family relations.
    Argentina  2011
  • The Holy Girl
    Winter in La Cienaga. After choir rehearsals, the girls get together in the parish church to discuss faith and vocation. Amalia and Josefina are sixteen. In between the discussions, they whisper secretly about kissing. Josefina ...
    Character: Josefina
    Argentina  2004