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Guillermo Toledo Nominations & Awards


 - Best Leading Actor NOMINATED
 - Best Upcoming Actor NOMINATED


 - Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series NOMINATED
Guillermo Toledo . He has nominated for two Goya Awards and an Feroz Awards. He's known for The Queen of Spain (2016), I'm So Excited (2013) and Soccer Days (2003).

All Movies of Guillermo Toledo

  • The Queen of Spain
    Actress Macarena Granada (Cruz) after her experiences in Berlin, travelled to Hollywood, where she became a star. We are immersed in the 1950s, as the diva returns to Spain to shoot a US blockbuster entitled "The Queen of Spa...
    Spain  2016
  • Black Diamonds
    Diamantes negros tells the long journey undertaken by two young boys from Mali, Amadou and Moussa, who arrive in Spain, pursuing the dream of escaping from poverty and becoming professional football players. When they are only fif...
    Character: Alfonso
    Spain  2013
  • I'm So Excited
    When it appears as though the end is in sight, the pilots, flight crew, and passengers of a plane heading from Madrid to Mexico City look to forget the anguish of the moment and face the greatest danger, which we carry within ours
    Spain  2013
  • After
    Manuel (Tristán Ulloa), Ana (Blanca Romero) and Julio (Guillermo Toledo) get together in a warm summer night after not having seen each other for a while and set off to explore the night. Manuel has a 4 yr-old boy, a wife and a b...
    Spain  2009
  • La buena nueva
    Miguel is a young priest who takes over a parish in a Socialist small town at the time of the 1936 military uprising in Spain. Since the beginning of the war, the village is occupied by the rebel forces, while numerous executions ...
    Spain  2008
  • Aupa Etxebeste!
    Patricio Etxebeste owns a beret-making factory. An important local figure, he is standing for mayor in the upcoming elections. What nobody knows is that he is completely ruined and can't even pay for his yearly holiday.
    Spain  2005
  • Only Human (Seres queridos)
    Leni arrives home to introduce her fiancé Rafi to her jewish family for the first time. Everything goes wonderfully until the lovers reveal Rafi is Palestinian. With his future mother-in-law unhinged by the news, Rafi offers to ...
    Spain  2004
  • The Galíndez File
    Fleeing Franco’s regime in Spain, Basque Republican nationalist Jesús de Galíndez (played by Eduard Fernández) ended up in New York City. There, he served as a delegate of the Autonomous Basque Government to the American gove...
    Spain  2003
  • The Other Side of the Bed
    Two couples change partners in their search for happiness. By the way, they all sing and dance.
    Spain  2002
  • The Other Side
    Una historia de dos vidas qie convergen: la del adolescente Ramón y la del abogado Marcelo. El chaval sufre las consecuencias de unas muertes fortuitas que lo obligan a ingresar en un centro de acogida. El letrado, amigo de la fa...
    Character: Vicente
    Spain  2000
  • Butterfly Tongues
    For Moncho, it's an idyllic year: he starts school, he has a wonderful teacher, he makes a friend in Roque, he begins to figure out some of the mysteries of Eros, and, with his older brother, a budding saxophone player, he makes a...
    Spain  1999
  • Mensaka
    A young Madrid motorbike messenger and aspiring drummer clashes with the other members of his up-and-coming rock group when a shifty record exec offers them a contract. With fame, drugs and girls being dangled in front of them, th...
    Spain  1998