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Corey Johnson Nominations & Awards

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED

Boston Society of Film Critics

 - Best Ensemble Performance WINNER
   (United 93)
Corey Johnson . He has won an Boston Society of Film Critics Awards. He's known for United 93 (2006), Captain Phillips (2013) and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007).

All Movies of Corey Johnson

  • The Mauritanian
    A detainee at the U.S military's Guantanamo Bay detention center is held without charges for over a decade and seeks help from a defense attorney for his release.
    United Kingdom  2021
  • Morbius
    The project is based on antihero Morbius the Living Vampire. Morbius is Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself to disastrous results. Instead of being cured, he became...
    United States  2021
  • Radioactive
    Pioneer - Rebel - Genius. Radioactive is an incredible, true story of Marie Sklodowska-Curie and her Nobel Prize-winning work that changed the world forever. As she discovers previously unknown radioactive elements, it soon become...
    United Kingdom  2019
  • The Coldest Game
    Playing a major chess match in Warsaw against the Russian champion, brilliant but forgotten former US champion, and alcoholic, Josh Mansky is sucked into the world of espionage and conflict between the world's superpowers. As the ...
    Character: Donald Novak
    Poland  2019
  • The City and the City (TV Miniseries)
    The body of a dead girl is found at Bulkya Docks, on the border between Beszel and Ul Qoma - two cities with a division like no other. Resident of the crumbling city of Beszel and Inspector of the Extreme Crime Squad, Tyador Borl...
    United Kingdom  2018
  • A Private War
    A biopic about legendary american war correspondent Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike), a woman who reported from conflicts including Kosovo, Chechnya, East Timor and the Middle East. In a world where journalism is under attack, Colvin ...
    Character: Norm Coburn
    United States  2018
  • The Titan
    A military family takes part in a ground-breaking experiment of genetic evolution and space exploration. Project in standby.
    Character: Petersen
    United Kingdom  2018
  • Megan Leavey
    Marine corporal Megan Leavy was a K-9 operator in Iraq. She and her K-9 were involved in an explosion. It is their story of grit and determination and the love between handler and a Military Working Dog.
    Character: Master Sergeant
    United States  2017
  • Jackie
    An account of the days of First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, in immediate aftermath of John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963 in Dallas.
    United States  2016
  • Survivor
    A State Department employee newly posted to the American embassy in London is charged with stopping terrorists from getting into the U.S. That puts her right in the line of fire and she is targeted for death and framed for crimes....
    United States  2015
  • Ex Machina
    Caleb, a 24 year old coder at the world's largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private mountain retreat belonging to Nathan, the reclusive CEO of the company. But when Caleb arrives at the remote locat...
    Character: Jay
    United Kingdom  2015
  • How I Live Now
    Fifteen year old Elizabeth is an American girl from NYC on holiday in the English countryside with her family who suddenly finds herself in hiding and fighting for her survival as the Third World War breaks out.
    Character: Consular Official
    United Kingdom  2013
  • Captain Phillips
    Captain Phillips is a multi-layered examination of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. It is - through director Paul Greengrass's distinctive lens - simultaneously a pulse-poun...
    Character: Ken Quinn
    United States  2013
  • Universal Soldier: Regeneration (Universal Soldier 3)
    With stolen top-secret technology, terrorists have created a next-generation Universal Soldier - an elite fighter genetically altered into a programmable killing machine. With this "UniSol" (Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Andrei ...
    Character: Colonel John Coby
    United States  2009
  • The Bourne Ultimatum
    Bourne is once again brought out of hiding, this time inadvertently by London-based reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar--an upgrade to Project Treadstone--in a series of newspaper columns. Bourne sets ...
    Character: Wills
    United States  2007
  • United 93
    FLIGHT 93 is a film about 9/11. It tells the story of the day through a meticulous re-enactment of events surrounding United 93, the last of the four hijacked aircraft, in the belief that by examining this single event something m...
    Character: Louis Nacke
    United States  2006
  • The Contract
    Ray Keene, a father who wants to redeem himself in the eyes of his son, is trying to bring Carden, a world-class assassin to justice. All the while, he must protect his son and evade the assassin's team who are methodically huntin...
    Character: Davis
    United States  2006
  • A Sound of Thunder
    Chicago, year 2054. A technology has been invented that enables people to travel back in time to hunt dinosaurs. One such expedition to the Prehistoric past unwittingly makes a fatal mistake it dramatically impacts the course of e
    United Kingdom  2005
  • Hellboy
    When a Nazi mystical experiment goes awry in 1944, the target of a wizard's spell, the child of Satan, Hellboy, is wrenched from his home, and adopted by the U.S. agents who intercept his arrival. Raised as a force of good, Hellbo...
    Character: Agent Clay
    United States  2004
  • Out For a Kill
    Archeology professor Robert Burns (Seagal) is on location leading an important dig in the ancient ruins on the Far Eastern China border. He accidentally discovers that the Chinese Mafia, the Tong, is using his newly discovered ...
    United States  2003
  • Last Run
    Frank Banner used to specialize in helping Soviet spies defect safely to the West. Banner's wife was shot to death aiding such an escape. Now, with the Cold War over, Banner is called upon to safely escort an ex-K.G.B. man who is ...
    United Kingdom  2001
  • The Mummy
    Deep in the Egyptian desert, a handful of people searching for a long-lost treasure have just unearthed a 3,000 year old legacy of terror. Awakened from a long sleep in his desert pyramid, a long-dead mummy is a little miffed at t...
    Character: Sr. Daniels
    United States  1999
  • Saving Private Ryan
    James Ryan (Matt Damon), who has parachuted into France during the Allied invasion of Europe, has just lost three brothers in combat. Government policy dictates that he should return home lest his family be deprived of all its mal...
    Character: hombre de radio
    United States  1998