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Hermann Beyer . He's known for Simon and the Oaks (2011), Angst (2003) and Dark (TV Series) (2017).

All Movies of Hermann Beyer

  • Jerks (TV Series)
    The series is about Christian Ulmen and Fahri Yardim, who are very close friends. Both try to cope with their everyday problems with ease, which does not always work out.
    Germany  2017
  • Dark (TV Series)
    TV Series. A missing child sets four families on a frantic hunt for answers. Their search for a culprit unearths a small town’s sins and secrets. Season 3 on Netflix: 27 June 2020
    Character:  Helge Doppler / ... 10 episodes, 2017-2020
    Germany  2017
  • Simon and the Oaks
    Two boys come of age in Sweden during World War II. Simon (Bill Skarsgård), growing up in a working-class family on the outskirts of Gothenburg during World War II. He is very talented and always felt different and an outsider. A...
    Sweden  2011
  • November Child
    Robert (Ulrich Matthes) is a college professor and struggling writer living in Konstanz, a town in Southern Germany. Robert has been working on a novel for years, but beyond a rough idea about life in Germany before the Berlin Wal...
    Germany  2008
  • Angst
    Angst is the story of a sensitive film director, Robert, and his beautiful girlfriend Marie, a doctor in a children's clinic. Their different attitudes toward life lead the two to constant fights and conflicts. When Robert finds o...
    Germany  2003
  • Never Mind the Wall
    Germany 1982: The country is divided into two parts. Nele, coming from West-Germany, travels to East-Germany where she meets Captain, singer of a band. They fall in love with each other, but the regime "takes care" of th...
    Germany  2001
  • Kaspar Hauser
    Kaspar Hauser is the son of the duke of Baden. At the age of one he was swapped by another baby that has been killed right after the change. The real Kaspar Hauser grew up in prison without light, social contacts and education for...
    Germany  1993
  • The Tango Player
    Winter 1968. Historian Dr. Dallow is released from prison. He is still trying to cope with and understand why he was put behind bars for 21 months for defamation of the state. His supposed "crime:" for five minutes, he a...
    Germany  1991
  • Treffen in Travers
    The time is the French Revolution; the place is the village of Travers, ensconsed in neutral Switzerland. Prussian aesthete Herman Beyer is on the verge of divorcing wife Therese. Radical writer Ferdinand Huber, Therese's lover, h...
    East Germany (GDR)  1988
  • Fallada - letztes Kapitel (Fallada: The Last Chapter)
    The last decade (1937-47) of the poet Hans Fallada's life. He lives with his family in Carwitz. His craving for harmony collides with the circumstances of the times and his own inner turmoil. He writes already anything of note, dr...
    East Germany (GDR)  1988
  • The House on the River
    The mother Voß, her two daughters Agnes and Lisabeth, and her daughter-in-law Emmi, all live in a house on the river. They accept the war as inevitable and decide to make the best of it for themselves. Before leaving for the war,...
    East Germany (GDR)  1986
  • Unser kurzes Leben
    Young gifted idealist Franziska decides to leave the shelter of her studentship in Dresden for a junior position in a busy provincial architectural practice. Escaping a disastrous marriage had something to do with it – her ghast...
    East Germany (GDR)  1981