Anne Bancroft

Anne Bancroft
Birthdate: September 17, 1931
Date of death: June 06, 2005
Age: 73 years
Country: United States United States
Horoscope: Virgo


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Anne Bancroft Nominations & Awards

Academy Awards

 - Best Leading Actress WINNER
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED

Golden Globes Awards

 - Best Leading Actress - Comedy or Musical WINNER
 - Best Leading Actress - Drama WINNER
 - Best Leading Actress - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress - Comedy or Musical NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress - Comedy or Musical NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress - Drama NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress - Drama NOMINATED

Cannes Film Festival

 - Best Leading Actress WINNER


 - Worst Supporting Actress NOMINATED


 - Best Leading Actress WINNER
 - Best Foreign Actress WINNER
 - Best Foreign Actress WINNER
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED
 - Best Leading Actress NOMINATED

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

 - Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED


 - Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV WINNER
 - Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV NOMINATED
   (Haven (TV))
 - Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV NOMINATED
 - Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie NOMINATED
 - Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV NOMINATED

San Sebastián Film Festival

 - Silver Shell - Best Actress WINNER
Anne Bancroft was an American. She has won an Academy Awards, two Golden Globes Awards and three BAFTA Awards. She's known for The Elephant Man (1980), G.I. Jane (1997) and The Miracle Worker (1962).

All Movies of Anne Bancroft

  • The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (TV)
    A failing star is faced with a life-style change when her rich husband suddenly dies while they are en route to Italy. She then sets off in a series of flings with gigolos found for her by an aging contessa. Each contact spirals f...
    Character: Contessa
    United States  2003
  • Heartbreakers
    Max (Sigourney Weaver) and Page (Jennifer Love Hewitt) are a mother and daughter con team. The next plan is Max to seduce a wealthy men (Gene Hackman) into marrying her, and then Page seduces them into infidelity so Max can rake t...
    Character: Gloria Vogal / Barbara
    United States  2001
  • Keeping the Faith
    In actor Edward Nortons directorial debut, Brian (Norton), a priest, and his best friend, Jake (Ben Stiller), a rabbi, both fall in love with their long-lost childhood friend, Anna (Jenna Elfman), who has returned to Manhattan to ...
    Character: Ruth Schram
    United States  2000
  • Up at the Villa
    A woman left alone by the death of her husband finds her love life has become suddenly and dangerously complicated in this drama. Mary Panton (Kristin Scott Thomas) is a British woman living in Italy in 1938 who has been financial...
    United Kingdom  2000
  • Deep in My Heart (TV)
    After being raped by a black man Gerry Cummins gives birth to a mixed race baby, Barbara Ann. When she grows up Barbara Ann finds the courage to face the hidden traumas of her past and meet with the woman who gave birth to her.
    United States  1999
  • Haven (TV)
    Ruth Gruber travels to Europe during World War II to help one thousand Jewish War victims escape to the United States.
    United States  1999
  • Great Expectations
    Based on Charles Dickens' timeless tale, this is a story of the love of a man for an unreachable woman. Updated to modern day New York City, the story concerns Finn (Ethan Hawke), a young man of modest background who falls in love...
    United States  1998
  • Critical Care
    Werner Ernst is a young hospital resident who becomes embroiled in a legal battle between two half-sisters who are fighting over the care of their comatose father. But are they really fighting over their father's care, or over his...
    Character: Nun
    United States  1997
  • G.I. Jane
    Navy Intelligence officer Lt. Jordan O'Neil (Demi Moore) sets a historic precedent when she is recruited as a test case to be the first woman allowed to train for the highly covert operations unit known as the Navy SEALs. Selected...
    Character: Lillian DeHaven
    United States  1997
  • HomeComing (TV)
    Abandoned by their mentally ill mother, the Tillerman children set off in search of a place to stay. Alone, scared and with nowhere to turn, they travel cross country to find the reclusive grandmother they've never met.
    United States  1996
  • The Sunchaser
    "Blue" Monroe (Jon Seda) is a 16-year old juvenile offender convicted of murdering an abusive stepfather) who is dying of abdominal cancer. Woody Harrelson portrays Dr. Michael Reynolds, Blue's rich, self-absorbed oncolo...
    United States  1996
  • Home for the Holidays
    It's been said that while most people love their families, they don't always like them very much, and that emotional dividing line is the heart of this comedy directed by Jodie Foster. Claudia Larson (Holly Hunter) usually approac...
    Character: Adele Larson
    United States  1995
  • Dracula: Dead and Loving It
    Another spoof from the mind of Mel Brooks. This time he's out to poke fun at the Dracula myth. Basically, he took "Bram Stoker's Dracula," gave it a new cast and a new script and made a big joke out of it. The usual, ric...
    United States  1995
  • How to Make an American Quilt
    Director Jocelyn Moorhouse's film adaptation of the novel by Whitney Otto stars Winona Ryder as Finn Dodd, a Berkeley graduate student on summer hiatus at her grandmother's home to work on her thesis and ponder a marriage proposal...
    Character: Glady Joe
    United States  1995
  • Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All (TV Miniseries)
    Originally a television mini-series, this drama chronicles the painful and lively reminiscences of a 100 year old woman. Much of the story centers on her tumultuous marriage to a Civil War vet.
    Character:  Lucy Marsden (age 99-100) unknown episodes
    United States  1994
  • Point of No Return
    hardened criminal Maggie Hayward's consistence violence, even in police custody, ends in the execution chamber. However, top-secret US government agency official 'Bob' arranges a staged death, so she can be elaborately trained as ...
    United States  1993
  • Mr. Jones
    Mr. Jones (Richard Gere) is a man suffering from bipolar disorder, a disease that affords him periods of intense emotional pleasure and expansiveness but which also results in periods of suicidal depression. Libbie (Lena Olin), a ...
    Character: Dr. Catherine Holland
    United States  1993
  • Malice
    A tale about a happily married couple who would like to have children. Tracy teaches infants, Andy's a college professor. Things are never the same after she is taken to hospital and operated upon by Jed, a "know all" doctor.
    Character: Ms. Kennsinger
    United States  1993
  • Mrs. Cage (TV)
    Fifty-something Lillian Cage keeps house and meticulously irons her husband's shirts while humming the theme from "Rawhide" and enjoying a secret crush on the teenager who daily bags her groceries.
    United States  1992
  • Honeymoon in Vegas
    On her deathbed, a mother makes her son promise never to get married, which scars him with psychological blocks to a commitment with his girlfriend. They finally decide to tie the knot in Vegas, but a wealthy gambler arranges for ...
    United States  1992
  • Bert Rigby, You're a Fool
    Bert Rigby lives in the small dying town Langmore, where most people depend on badly doing mining corporation. While his fellows are on strike once again, he decides to try his luck in show-biz meanwhile. His first appearance on s...
    United States  1989
  • Torch Song Trilogy
    The story, based on the same-named Broadway play by Harvey Fierstein, spans nine years in the life of gay New Yorker, Arnold Beckoff, a flamboyant female impersonator. It is the touching story of his search for love, respect and u...
    United States  1988
  • 84 Charing Cross Road
    True story of a transatlantic business correspondence about used books that developed into a close friendship.
    Character: Helene Hanff
    United Kingdom  1987
  • 'night, Mother
    What would you do if someone you loved sat down with you one night and calmly told you that they were going to end their life before morning? This is Thelma Cates' dilemma. Her daughter, Jessie, has had it. A middle-aged epileptic...
    United States  1986
  • Agnes of God
    When a dead newborn is found, wrapped in bloody sheets, in the bedroom wastebasket of a young novitiate, psychiatrist Martha Livingston is called in to determine if the seemingly innocent novice, who knows nothing of sex or birth,...
    Character: Mother Miriam Ruth
    United States  1985
  • Garbo Talks
    Estelle is a one-person protest army: she goes to jail over grocery prices, shames construction workers for catcalls to passing women, and won't cross a picket line for her son's wedding. She also loves Garbo films: when she learn...
    United States  1984
  • To Be or Not to Be
    A bad Polish actor is just trying to make a living when what should intrude but World War II in the form of an invasion. His wife has the habit of entertaining young polish officers while he's on stage which is also a source of de...
    United States  1983
  • Marco Polo (TV Miniseries)
    The life and experiences of the 13th-century explorer, who sought to connect the civilizations of China and Europe through trade.
    Character:  Marco's Mother 1 episode, 1982
    Italy  1982
  • The Elephant Man
    John Merrick (John Hurt) is a hideously deformed individual dubbed the Elephant Man during his years in a circus freak show in Victorian England. After suffering for years at the hands of his circus "master", the eloquen...
    Character: Mrs. Kendal
    United States  1980
  • Jesus of Nazareth (TV)
    Originally made for TV in 1977, this in-depth (six hours plus) version of Jesus' life is so thorough that the first hour is devoted solely to the story of his birth. The film doesn't skimp on some of the other landmark events of t...
    Character:  Mary Magdalene 4 episodes, 1977
    United Kingdom  1977
  • The Turning Point
    The story of two women whose lives are dedicated to ballet. Deedee left her promising dance career to become a wife and mother and now runs a ballet school in Oklahoma. Emma stayed with a company and became a star though her time ...
    United States  1977
  • Lipstick
    Composer Chris Saradon brutaly rapes fashion model, goes to trial, gets freed, comes back and rapes her little sister. She takes revenge.
    United States  1976
  • The Hindenburg
    Geramany, 1937. Colonel Franz Ritter (George C. Scott), a former hero pilot now working for military intelligence, finds himself assigned to the flight of the Hindenburg as chief of security; reports and rumors about the destructi...
    Character: Countess Ursula von Reugen
    United States  1975
  • Blazing Saddles
    To ruin a western town, a corrupt political boss appoints a black sheriff, who promptly becomes his most formidable adversary.
    United States  1974
  • Young Winston
    This historical drama is an account of the early life of British politician Winston Churchill (Simon Ward), including his childhood years, his time as a war correspondent in Africa, and culminating with his first election to Parli
    Character: Lady Jennie Churchill / Lady Randolph Churchill
    United Kingdom  1972
  • The Graduate
    In the mid-1960s, Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman), a confused college graduate, is pulled in myriad directions by his wealthy family, friends, and associates just days after receiving his degree. Seduced by alcoholic and a neur...
    Character: Mrs. Robinson
    United States  1967
  • The Slender Thread
    Alan is a Seattle college student volunteering at a crisis center. One night when at the clinic alone, a woman calls up the number and tells Alan that she needs to talk to someone. She informs Alan she took a load of pills, and he...
    Character: Inga Dyson
    United States  1965
  • The Pumpkin Eater
    The study of a marriage. Jo has five children and husband number two when she meets writer Jake Armitage. She leaves this husband to marry Jake, and his career takes off. A few years and at least one child later, Jo is deeply depr...
    Character: Jo
    United Kingdom  1964
  • The Miracle Worker
    Young Helen Keller, blind, deaf, and mute since infancy, is in danger of being sent to an institution. Her inability to communicate has left her frustrated and violent. In desperation, her parents seek help from the Perkins Instit...
    Character: Annie Sullivan
    United States  1962
  • Nightfall
    There is money missing from a bank job, an attractive model, an insurance investigator, and two extremely dangerous thugs. James Vanning (Aldo Ray) portrays an innocent man on the run, being pursued by the criminals who stupidly m...
    Character: Marie Gardner
    United States  1956
  • Walk the Proud Land
    Indian Agent sent to try new approach to peace with Apaches based on respect for automomy rather than submission to Army. Wins over reservation chiefs and the Indian widow (Bancroft) given to him as housekeeper. Through use of dip...
    United States  1956
  • Don't Bother to Knock
    Sex symbol Marilyn Monroe went dramatic in 1952's Don't Bother to Knock. Monroe plays Nell Forbes, a beautiful but suicidal young woman, recently released from a mental institution. She doesn't mention this on her resumé when she...
    Character: Lyn Lesley
    United States  1952