Caleb Landry Jones

Profession: Actor
Caleb Landry Jones
Birthdate: December 07, 1989
Country: United States United States
Horoscope: Sagittarius


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Caleb Landry Jones Nominations & Awards

Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG)

 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture WINNER
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series WINNER
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED
   (Get Out)
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series NOMINATED

Critics Choice Award

 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture WINNER
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED
 - Best Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture NOMINATED

Cannes Film Festival

 - Best Leading Actor WINNER

 - Best Ensemble Performance WINNER
   (Get Out)
 - Best Ensemble Performance WINNER

Sitges Film Festival

 - Best Leading Actor WINNER
Caleb Landry Jones is an American Actor. He has won two Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG), an Cannes Film Festival and an Critics Choice Awards. He's known for No Country for Old Men (2007), The Social Network (2010) and Get Out (2017).

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  • The Forgiven
    On the verge of divorce, wealthy couple David (Fiennes) and Jo (Chastain) are on their way to a lavish weekend party, and accidentally run over and kill a young Moroccan man trying to sell fossils by the roadside. They put his bod...
    United Kingdom  2021
  • Finch
    The story follows a robot that lives on a post-apocalyptic earth. Built to protect the life of his dying creator’s beloved dog, it learns about love, friendship, and the meaning of human life. Hanks will play the ailing creator....
    Character: Jeff
    United States  2021
  • Nitram
    Events leading up to the 1996 Port Arthur massacre on Tasmania in an attempt to understand why and how the atrocity occurred.
    Australia  2021
  • The Outpost
    Based on true events, in this military thriller, a small unit of U.S. soldiers, alone at the remote Combat Outpost Keating, located deep in the valley of three mountains in Afghanistan, battles to defend against an overwhelming fo...
    Character: SPC Ty Carter
    United States  2020
  • Viena and the Fantomes
    A roadie travels across North America with a punk band during the 1980s.
    Character: Albert
    United States  2020
  • The Kindness of Strangers
    Clara arrives in wintry New York with her two sons on the back seat of her car. The journey, which she has disguised as an adventure for her children’s sake, is soon revealed to be an escape from an abusive husband and father. H...
    Denmark  2019
  • The Dead Don't Die
    The peaceful town of Centerville finds itself battling a zombie horde as the dead start rising from their graves.
    Character: Bobby Wiggins
    United States  2019
  • Tyrel
    Tyler spirals out of control when he realizes he‘s the only black person attending a weekend birthday party in a secluded cabin.
    United States  2018
  • Friday's Child
    A young drifter ages out of foster care at 18 and discovers the perils and temptations of a life apart. An unlikely friend must help our hero return to the right road.
    United States  2018
  • Twin Peaks: The Return (TV Series)
    Showtime’s “Twin Peaks: The Return” picks up the story of Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) 25 years later.
    Character:  Steven Burnett 4 episodes, 2017
    United States  2017
  • The Florida Project
    Revolves around a 6-year-old girl and her friends whose summer break is filled with adventure while their parents and the adults around them struggle with hard times. Premiere: Cannes Film Festival 2017.
    Character: Jack
    United States  2017
  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
    After months have passed without a culprit in her daughter’s murder case, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) makes a bold move, painting three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at William Willoughb...
    Character: Red Welby
    United States  2017
  • Get Out
    A young African American man visits his white girlfriend's family estate where he learns that many of its residents, who are black, have gone missing, and he soon learns the horrible truth when another frantic African-American war
    Character: Jeremy Armitage
    United States  2017
  • American Made
    Based on the real life exploits of Barry Seal, a pilot and drug runner for kingpin Pablo Escobar in the south during the 1980s who also landed work for the CIA. The massive covert operation that Seal led is one of the biggest in U...
    Character: JB
    United States  2017
  • Stonewall
    The plot revolves around the 1969 Stonewall Riots, the violent clash that kicked off the gay rights movement in New York City. The drama centers on Danny Winters, who flees to New York, leaving behind his sister. He finds his way ...
    Character: Orphan Annie
    United States  2015
  • Low Down
    Based on Amy Jo Albany's memoir, Low Down explores her heart-wrenching journey to adulthood while being raised by her father, bebop pianist Joe Albany, as he teeters between incarceration and addiction in the urban decay and wanin...
    Character: Cole
    United States  2014
  • Heaven Knows What
    Harley loves Ilya. He gives her life purpose and sets her passion ablaze. So, when he asks her to prove her love by slitting her wrists, she obliges with only mild hesitation, perhaps because of her other all-consuming love: heroi...
    Character: Ilya
    United States  2014
  • God's Pocket
    When Mickey's stepson Leon is killed in a construction "accident," Mickey tries to bury the bad news with the body. But when the boy's mother demands the truth, Mickey finds himself stuck between a body he can’t bury, ...
    Character: Leon Hubbard
    United States  2014
  • Queen and Country
    Year 1952. Bill Rowan is 18, dreaming his life away at the family’s riverside home, waiting to be called up for two years conscription in the Army. He swims each morning and yearns for a pretty girl who cycles past at that time ...
    United Kingdom  2014
  • Contraband
    Chris Farraday (Mark Wahlberg) long ago gave up his life of crime, but after his brother-in-law, Andy (Caleb Landry Jones), messes up a drug deal for his sadistic boss, Tim Briggs (Giovanni Ribisi), Chris finds he has to slip back...
    Character: Andy
    United States  2012
  • Byzantium
    A pair of female vampires (Saoirse Ronan and Gemma Arterton) wreaks havoc on an unsuspecting English seaside community in this deliciously depraved supernatural drama from Academy Award® winner Neil Jordan.
    Character: Frank
    Ireland  2012
  • Antiviral
    Syd March is an employee at a clinic that sells injections of live viruses harvested from sick celebrities to obsessed fans. Biological communion - for a price. Syd also supplies illegal samples of these viruses to piracy groups, ...
    Canada  2012
  • X-Men: First Class
    ‘X-Men: First Class’ charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga, and reveals a secret history of famous global events. Before mutants had revealed themselves to the world, and before Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr took t...
    Character: Cassidy / Banshee
    United States  2011
  • The Last Exorcism
    A troubled evangelical minister agrees to let his last exorcism be filmed by a documentary crew. When he arrives on the rural Louisiana farm of Louis Sweetzer, the Reverend Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) expects to perform just an...
    United States  2010
  • The Social Network
    A story about the founders of the social-networking website, Facebook, especially his most famous creator: Mark Zuckerberg. On a fall night in 2003, Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenber...
    United States  2010
  • Breaking Bad (TV Series)
    TV Series (2008-2013). 5 Seasons. Breaking Bad follows protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with his wife Skyler (Anna Gunn) and teenage son (RJ Mitte) who has cerebr...
    Character:  Louis 2 episodes, 2009-2010
    United States  2008
  • No Country for Old Men
    Set along a bloody frontier in our own time, this film is based on Cormac McCarthy’s novel. Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin), hunting antelope near the Rio Grande, instead finds men shot dead, a load of heroin, and over two million i...
    United States  2007
  • Friday Night Lights (TV Series)
    TV Series (2006-2011). 5 seasons. 76 episodes. Hailed as one of the top ten shows of 2006 by Time magazine and Entertainment Weekly, the critically acclaimed drama "Friday Night Lights" also received 2006 honors from the...
    United States  2006

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