Laureano Olivares

Profession: Actor
Laureano Olivares
Birthdate: September 16, 1978
Age: 41 years
Country: Venezuela Venezuela
Horoscope: Virgo


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Laureano Olivares is an Venezuelan Actor. He's known for Complot (2013), The Zero Hour (2010) and Punto y Raya (2004).

All Movies of Laureano Olivares

  • Death in Berruecos
    Ten years after General Antonio José de Sucre - Grand Marshal of Ayacucho- was murdered in the Berruecos jungle, Colombia. The inquiry into his death is reopened, Captain Alejandro Godoy take charge as prosecutor. Several politic...
    Character: Apolinar Morillo
    Venezuela  2017
  • Tamara
    The story of a lawyer's journey to overcome his fears and the social boundaries in order to become what he always dreamed: a woman like any other.
    Character: Oficial TSJ
    Venezuela  2016
  • Complot
    Character: El chino
    Venezuela  2013
  • The Zero Hour
    Based on the harsh reality of Caracas and the '96 medical strike, The Zero Hour is the story of a hitman who is forced to hijack a private clinic to save the love of his life. A story of violence and revenge, love and action.
    Character: Buitre
    Venezuela  2010
  • Punto y Raya
    Cheito, a Venezuelan, and Pedro, a Columbian, meet at the border between their two countries at a time of heightened nationalisms. They are recruits into the army doing their obligatory time. Cheito is an unwilling participant and...
    Character: Carrasco
    Venezuela  2004
  • Sicario
    A young boy is hired as a hit man by a drug lord.
    Character: Jairo
    Venezuela  1994

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